Top Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol-lowering supplements are great helpers in the prevention and inhibition of the amount of cholesterol in our blood.

cholesterol lowering supplements

Cholesterol-lowering supplements can only do so much. You still need proper medication and a doctor’s intervention to properly get treated for high-cholesterol induced ailments. However, cholesterol-lowering supplements are considered helpful infusions for certain treatments. They might even pave way for faster healing. Cholesterol-lowering supplements may come in different forms. It can be in a form of a pill, drink, powder or an organic garden herb.

Top Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

Here are the top recommended cholesterol lowering supplements. You might want to consider taking it to help your battle against high-cholesterol-induced ailments.

1. Leaf Extract Of The Artichoke Plant

Cardiovascular diseases and so is high cholesterol-induced ailments are the most if not, one of the chief causes of death all over the world. With this fact in mind, for years, researchers have been trying to scour the earth in search for plants and herbs to turn into a cholesterol lowering supplement. Somehow they took notice of the artichoke plant. They conducted a series of experiment using healthy individuals with a small amount of raised cholesterol level. They were keen to find out what the artichoke plant can do to alleviate the raised cholesterol level.

Cholesterol in our body circulates by the help of our blood (specifically the plasma in our blood; the chief transporter of minerals and nutrients in all the cells) and sometimes, it can deposit an unwanted amount of cholesterol. Researchers found out that the extract from an artichoke plant intervenes with cholesterol’s increase. Thus, preventing high doses of cholesterol concentration in the blood. Up to this day, the artichoke plant has been manufactured to mimic the intervention that its extracts do.

2. The Fenugreek Seed

the fenugreek seed is ethnically grown in Egypt but has since been grown on regions with hot climates. The fenugreek seed which is manufactured in capsule form is said to dramatically lower the amount of cholesterol in our blood. Though this claim has a small number of medical journals, there has been a recorded study confirming that the fenugreek seed extract contributed to almost 38% lowering of the total cholesterol level in our body.

The fenugreek seed is rich in dietary fiber. Researchers speculate that the high fiber dietary content of the fenugreek seed is the main cause of why it is such a potent cholesterol-lowering supplement for lowering the cholesterol level in our body.

3. Foods That Are Rich In Fiber

Foods that are rich in fiber include wheat, bran, oats, legumes, peas, barley, some fruits, and so on and so forth. These foods rich in fiber are packaged pharmaceutically to become commercialized cholesterol lowering supplements. Some people take them as natural as they are because they prefer it in their freshest form.

Fiber has long been established as an inhibitor of LDL and cholesterol in general. The fiber cholesterol lowering supplement should be higher than usual compared to your normal diet if you slightly have a high cholesterol level in your plasma.

However, you still need to regulate the amount of dietary fiber intake because it might cause gastrointestinal malfunctions. You should still see a doctor if you suspect cholesterol linked ailments

4. The Oil Fish Supplement

The healthy fatty acids on which you can get from fish, form the fish oil. (Tip: Salmon is a great fish to get those fatty acids from). Fish oils are popular cholesterol-lowering supplements because of the heart-healthy contents it has. Heart-healthy cholesterol lowering supplements are usually good at lowering cholesterol in our body.

Fish oil does not entirely wipe out cholesterol. However, it is responsible for inhibiting the third component of cholesterol which is triglyceride. Fish oil can lower the level of triglyceride for at least 10%. 10% decrease is already a big deal. A slight decrease in triglyceride helps a lot in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

5. Niacin

Niacin is a type of b vitamin. This type of vitamin can be commonly found in most dishes that we eat (fish, meat, poultry, dairy, and so on and so forth). Extracting niacin is not that hard because of the myriad of resources you could get it from.

Niacin as a supplement is commonly manufactured as a capsule. Niacin in a capsule is the best way of getting a good amount of concentration you want to readily have. There are tests which show that there is a significant link in niacin and how it helps in decreasing the components of cholesterol. However, to be able to get this significant effect, the dosage of niacin intake is more than that of what drugstores limit. This regulation aims to control the dosage intake of patients so as to prevent the side effects of niacin when taken in large doses. It is advised that patients should discuss with doctors about their desire to take a niacin supplement. Your doctor is the best determiner of the right dosage for you and if the supplement capsule is actually safe for your current situation.

6. Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice is a fungus that develops in rice. The red yeast rice has a low amount of lovastatin (lovastatin comes from the family of statin). Lovastatin is known to lower LDL and cholesterol.

Red yeast rice is potentially one of the strongest supplement to help decrease cholesterol. Medicinal journals attest to its effectivity while rarely, some would debunk this. As other supplements would naturally have, red yeast rice is not also clean with side effects. As always, try to ask your doctor about it and he will let you know if this supplement may be a viable solution for your condition.

7. Soy Protein

Soy protein has already been stamped by the U.S Food and Drug Administration as a safe product and supplement. It is still regulated though to prevent the tarnishing of the product’s quality.

Soy protein has become a popular infusion in drinks and food. Recently, it even became a supplement in a form of powder. This is all because of how soy protein has become an effective staple in preventing and decreasing the amount of cholesterol in our body. Soy protein prevents cholesterol accumulation by not being cholesterol in the first place. Soy protein is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. In addition to that, soy protein is confirmed to lower LDL in our boy. This is key in preventing cardiovascular disease to humans

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