Pimple on Eyelid or Eyelid Bump: Causes and Treatment

Eyelid lumps usually appear at the end of the eyelid where the lash touches the lid. This annoying little bump could be as painful as a typical pimple.

Pimple on Eyelid

Eyelid lumps usually appear at the end of the eyelid where the lash touches the lid, looking much like a pimple on eyelid. This annoying little bump could be as painful as a typical pimple.

Almost everyone has the tendency to get an eyelid lump. However, this is not something that you should alarm you.

Even though painful, an eyelid lump doesn’t need any medical attention. Most often, eyelid lumps go away on their own as they are harmless.

The only time you may consult a doctor is when the situation gets worse. If the lump starts to interfere with your vision, you may then seek help from an expert. you may also have it checked if it gets more painful and basic home remedies don’t help at all.

Cause of Eyelid Bump

The bump may be due to an inflamed oil gland. This allows the bacteria to stay inside the blocked gland which is the culprit of pain. Like pimples, an eyelid bump may appear more than once.

Stye – One cause of stye would be blepharitis – a condition where the eyelash follicles experience inflammation. Once the bacteria has entered the oil glands, stye starts to develop.

Chalazion – Like stye, a chalazion is due to – a bacteria. This lump starts to appear when the oil glands are being blocked. The blocked gland needs draining to get rid of the bacteria with the infected fluid.

Xanthelasma – This lump develops when you have excess fats below the surface of your skin. This is because of your high cholesterol levels. A xanthelasma may also be a sign of a health condition such as diabetes.

Types of Eyelid Bump

Stye – This is the most common type of an eyelid bump. It usually appears close to the eyelashes. A stye develops when bacteria enters the eyelid oil glands.

  1. Cysts – These are tiny fluid-filled sacs that could interfere with your vision
  2. Papillomas – Are skin-colored bumps that are harmless. If by the condition gets worse, these bumps could also affect your vision. However, they may be surgically removed.
  3. Xanthelasma – These are yellow patches on the eyelids which could be a sign of high cholesterol.
  4. Chalazion – This inflammatory lesion could grow bigger than a stye. It’s also painful but it could affect your visions negatively.

Symptoms of Eyelid Bump

As emphasized above, eyelid bumps are red or skin-colored lumps. They are also very tender to touch. Aside from bringing discomfort, an eyelid bump also comes with other symptoms.

Some individuals were also able to experience the following:

  1. watery eyes
  2. sensitivity to light
  3. scratchy sensation in the eyelids
  4. redness

Even though eyelid bumps are harmless, there are factors that could make the condition worse.

Eyelid bumps do not need a serious medical condition. This is because these lumps also go away on their own.

However, you can see a doctor if you are experiencing any of the following:

  1. having trouble sleeping
  2. eyes are extremely watery
  3. there are discharges from the eyes
  4. the white part of the eyes changes colors
  5. the eyes hurt even in dimmed lights
  6. there’s bleeding in the bumps
  7. the bump starts to increase in size
  8. the eyelid starts to get red
  9. the eyelid has blisters

To ease the symptoms, you may consider home remedies. If the eyelid bump doesn’t go away with simple remedies, then it’s time you schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Treatments for Eyelid Bump

Home Care

Xanthelasma doesn’t need any treatment. This is because this type of bump would heal on its own.

For stye and chalazion, a hot compress will do. Warmness and compression will help unclog blockages on the oil glands. A warm compress will help loosen the stye.

Remember to never pop or squeeze the eyelid bump. It may irritate the eyes more and cause infection. It may also spread the bacteria and infect the other eye. Furthermore, squeezing the lumps could lead to a more serious health concern.

Medical Care

For styes that don’t go away, antibiotic creams may do the trick. A large stye will also need a doctor to puncture it. This procedure will help drain the bacteria and the infected fluid.

In bigger chalazion’s case, a surgery may be considered. You will also be using antibiotic creams while you’re on the course of healing. It is also possible for your doctor to provide you with steroid injections. The said anti-inflammatory injections can help lessen swelling.

Since xanthelasma doesn’t need any treatment, you will have to leave it like that. Unless if it bothers you, then you can also have it removed.

How to Prevent a Pimple on Eyelid or Eyelid Bump

A surefire way to prevent risks of stye is to maintain a good hygiene. It’s also important to never touch your eyes if you haven’t washed them yet.

To avoid having chalazia, keep your eyelids clean always. Especially if you have blepharitis, make sure you rinse your eyelids everyday. You may also prevent chalazion with the help of warm compress. Once you feel irritation in the eyes, place a warm compress on the eyelids.

Xanthelasama is due to high cholesterol. Having said, controlling your cholesterol levels will help.

When to call the doctor?

A stye will only stay for a few days or a week. If the lump stays for more than a week, talk to your doctor about it. Keep in mind that styes may also develop after one has finished healing.

You should know by now that xanthelasmas are harmless. As emphasized above, they don’t even need treatments. But for underlying conditions, better consult a doctor about it.

With proper home care, a chalazion would disappear within weeks or a month. However, some instances may make the condition worse. If the lump gets bigger and home care don’t help at all, schedule an appointment with your doctor already.

It’s also important to remember that you should never touch your eyes without washing your hands. Most especially if you are prone to catching any type of eyelid bump or pimple on the eye.

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