Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Among the many sleeping positions available, the side sleeper is the most common. This position has a lot of benefits such as lower tendency to have heartburn, better brain health, reduces your risk of constipation, and better blood flow.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

A lot of people say that sleeping is the best activity that you can have every day. It is when you fully rest your body without thinking about anything. Plus! You can have exciting dreams that can take you anywhere you want and be with whoever you want.

You can also expect that this is the time when your mind and body are at peace. Which is why it is very important that you are sleeping comfortably. One way you can do that is by having the right sleeping position.

Among the many sleeping positions available, the side sleeper is the most common. This position has a lot of benefits such as lower tendency to have heartburn, better brain health, reduces your risk of constipation, and better blood flow.

The best way you can fully maximize this sleeping position is by having the right pillow. Check out the best pillows that you can use below.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

  • Eight Sleep

This type of pillow that is adjustable that would adjust to your sleeping position. It has a special feature wherein you can adjust the inner layers of the pillow. In the case of your position, it is advised that you keep the memory foam on top.

  • Lessa Hybrid Pillow

This pillow has a down-like side and a cooling side to give you comfort while you sleep. By using this pillow, you can adjust the temperature while sleeping. You can also adjust the support level of the pillow, based on your preference. With all these features, lessa hybrid pillow is the recommended pillow for side sleepers.

  • Memory Foam Pillow

It is recommended to those who have allergies and who prefer to sleep sideways. The best feature of this pillow is that it is always fluffy and would never be flat. Another feature that you can look forward is that you can adjust it just like the rest of the pillows to give you the best comfort that you need. You can also avoid having fractures when using this pillow as its foam can comfort both your head and neck. This will also enable your body to have a nice spinal alignment.

  • Contour Breeze Pillow

Unlike other pillows, this type of pillow has a luxurious touch. It has an ergonomically shape to give support even when you move sideways. It also contains a polyester fill with a breathable knit cover. You can also feel comfortable while sleeping as this pillow has a cooling gel.

  • Shoulder Pillow

It is a type of memory foam pillow specially designed for side sleepers. It has a different pattern that can give you a cool feeling. Adding to that, the pillow has cut-out shape that gives support to back, shoulders, and neck. Other features to look forward to are an ultra plush and luxurious cover to have a relaxing sleep. It is even hypoallergenic with green tea to help you neutralize the odor.

  • Wamsutta Extra Firm

It is a lightweight pillow that has polyester as its filling. Compared with the other pillows, it is cheap with is an extra plus for you. You will also like the fact that it has a firm structure so your head will not drop the moment you rested your head.

  • Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow contains a temperature regulator to give you a calm sleep. It also has gel fiber to keep the pillow cool.

  • Parachute Down Pillow

This kind of pillow is kind of big, unlike the other pillows. It contains microfiber which means that the pillow will stay firm compared with other pillows that are filled with cotton. Another unique feature of this pillow is that it is higher than other pillows. However, some might say that this pillow is stiff enough to take you to dreamland.

  • Gel Pillow

It has been said that this pillow is the best for side sleepers and those who are experiencing back pain. It is soft and gives you the best comfort for your head and neck.

  • Contour Pillow

It is a pillow that it is a memory foam pillow with contour. The main goal of the pillow is to give you comfort while sleeping and support to your neck. It can also give comfort to your shoulders to avoid fractures. With this, expect that you can sleep faster and better.

  • L-Shape Pillow

This pillow is perfect if you are already experiencing problems with your shoulder. It is soft and squishy would be perfect to give you comfort while you sleep. Even better, the pillow stays dry and maintains its height.

  • Breather Pillow

It contains an adjustable fill and moldable texture which gives its smooth feeling. Others might recommend that you buy at least two of these to give you a peaceful sleep every night.

There are a lot more pillows that you can check out especially now that a lot of people are proven to be side sleepers. But do not worry, finding the suitable one for you is not that hard. You can check the above mentioned pillows or even test one to see for yourself. After all, everyone has their own preference when it comes to pillows.

Others might prefer to have more than one pillow while some can be satisfied with having one huge pillow. But what is important before buying any of these pillows is to check its structure and features. You might want to consider your body as well. If you have a shoulder fracture, then the best one for you is the contour pillow. If you have back pain, then the gel pillow is for you.

Also, you have to check the prize as well. Check if the amount you are paying is worth you are buying. Be a smart consumer and choose the pillow that is on your budget and can give you a relaxing rest each night. Remember, sleep is a crucial activity which can affect your mood and even health. By having a comfy pillow, you can have the needed rest to give you loads of energy the next day.

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