Top 5 Pillows to Treat Neck Pain

Many say that sleep positions contribute to the cause of neck trouble. Others blame their mattress for its curse. Meanwhile, experts resolve the case by stating that having the wrong kind of pillow when sleeping is the root of the pain in your neck.

best pillows for neck pain

Women love pillows. Expect that their beds will always be full of it. Traveling? Sure! But with the company of a fluffy pillow.

See? Pillows are women’s best friend of comfort.

However, it is not only women that are in need of its comfort. Men, too! In fact, all need pillows. And the reason behind it is the fact that no one wants to get neck pain after a sleep.

Some say that sleep positions are the number one source of neck pain. If you experience neck pain, just simply change your sleep position, and voila! Problem solve. One physician even suggests that the best sleeping position prevent having a neck pain is on your back or on your side.

Some, on the other hand, put the blame on their mattress for the torture of the neck pain once their wake up. However, it is not always the case.

According to some experts, sleeping with the wrong pillow is mostly the cause of having pain in the neck. Why? It simply connected with how our human anatomy works.

Your neck has parts, namely, cartilage, tendons, muscles, and bones. The bones in your neck are only seven in the count, tiny, and are all belong to the cervical portion of the spine. In other words, they are all connected to just one column of bones. These bones, as of how tiny they may seem, are responsible for the protection of the central nervous system plus they act as a support to the head, allowing your head and neck for some movements.

Take note that these seven tiny bones are all sitting on a bed fluid. Yup. They are not directly connected to each other. But imagine how each of them is strong and vulnerable at the same time.

So, imagine how vulnerable the neck is. We know that nerves are everywhere in the body. From your head to your toe. There are different degrees of numbness and pain when any part of your spine is pinched or compressed, but the neck is completely vulnerable especially at night when you are asleep.

If you want to wake up without the feeling of stiffness in the neck or any other injuries, lining the neck up with the back and head is vital. Once, you have made the wrong position because of your pillow, you can say goodbye to a “good” morning.

So, aside from correcting sleep positions, pillows can also aid with neck pains. Some of the pillows that can support the natural curvature of the spine are a more rounded pillow, a feather pillow, and a memory foam. But experts warned that depending on the quality of these pillows, it can create more neck pain than aid with it.

So, to inform you with some high-quality pillows that can treat your neck pain with utmost care, here are some suggestions.

Our List of Five of the Best Pillows for Neck Pain

1. The Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow

This pillow is a feather type pillow. It is more round which is the best support for both neck and head. In other words, it meets the standard of pillow that can aid with neck pain. Additionally, the materials used with it are dual-layered cotton and a hypoallergenic high-quality feather. It is extra fluffy, providing you the best sleep at night.

2. UTTU Adjustable Dynamic Memory Foam Pillow

If you are a side sleeper, well this one is for you!

UTTU Adjustable Dynamic Memory Foam Pillow is a memory foam type of pillow. It targets the neck, back, and stomach to support. In other words, it is specifically made for side sleepers to avoid back pain or neck pain. You can adjust the pillow depending on your sleeping need. For instance, its high contour height is 4.7 inches while the low contour height is 3.9 inches.

3. Malouf Z Shoulder Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow

This is also a memory foam pillow type and it plays a role regarding temperature. If your sleep is disturbed because of temperature, this memory pillow is the best for you.

This contour pillow covers the head, neck, and shoulder which provide comfortable support to the said part of the body. Plus, its inside is filled with a gel which provides the cooling effect it is most proud of.

4. Nature’s Best Cervical Support Pillow

If you’re done with feather and memory pillow, consider this pillow which is made of microfiber. It is also contoured and known for the neck and head support that it can provide. If you are a type of sleeper who alternate back and side positions, Nature’s Best Cervical Support Pillow is your best sleeping buddy. It is as well adjustable. Just simply add or subtract the amount of stuffing inside of the pillow, depending on your comfort preference.

5. Sleeping Pure Luxury Side Sleeper Pillow

This is another pillow to consider if do not want any feather or foam pillow. It is manufactured by hands and made with natural latex materials.

What the manufacturers considered when making the pillow are the individuals who side sleeps. Thus, they design it with a soft contour that will cover and support both shoulder and neck. Like other pillows, it is completely adjustable. The materials used are also high-quality and hypoallergenic.

So, there go the top 5 pillows that can give you the best night snooze you are looking for. Please note that there might be other pillows for neck pain that are not on the list. Nevertheless, the list gives you the assorted type of pillow from materials to what kind of sleeper you are.

If you still experience neck pains after adjusting to this pillow, perhaps the next and best step that you can do is to consult your doctor. We never know, you may need medical attention and your doctor can provide you with the best solution for neck pains.

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