Laser Eye Surgery: Purpose and Risks

With laser eye surgery, no one will have to deal with those minimal discomforts anymore since it promises to not only give the eyes freedom, but it also supports eye health.

laser eye surgery

More and more people are now trying to consider laser eye surgery in order for them to have their poor eyesight corrected. No matter what level of correction is needed, this method will undoubtedly improve one’s eyes.

Laser Eye Surgery is now becoming a popular option for those who are having vision problems. This procedure gives an individual the freedom from using glasses or contact lenses. Having said, the main goal of this surgery is to correct an individual’s poor eyesight and help one enjoy life to the fullest.

The length of procedure will vary from seconds to minutes only – depending on the level of correction needed for the eyes. There is nothing to worry about during the procedure since the surgery may only last for up to 15 minutes only since laser technology will be used.

Any person who would have their eyes checked in an optical clinic may be a candidate for laser eye surgery but not all are considered qualified. This is because there are patients who have existing health conditions and undergoing surgery may only aggravate such cases.

What to Expect During Laser Eye Surgery?

As expected before operation, one should undergo anesthetic procedures to numb the eyes. What makes laser eye surgery an excellent option for those who are afraid of surgeries is that it doesn’t even require any shots or needles. The anesthesia that will be used is in the form of drops. With the help of laser technology, the eyes will then be receiving pulses from laser beams to improve and correct any imperfections or complications.

What are the Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery?

Being a tested and proven method, laser eye surgery comes with a number of benefits.

1. Healthy Eyes

This surgery will surely benefit the many individuals who are tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses. After laser eye surgery, no one will have to deal with those eye support anymore.

Even though glasses and lenses are said to help give one a clearer vision, we all know that they may also bring slight discomfort to a person. According to some patients who have been using contact lenses for a long period of time, they were able to experience irritation in the eyes for quite some time. On the other hand, glasses may also give one minor headache most especially if the grades of the eyes got a bit higher than of the glasses.

With laser eye surgery, no one will have to deal with those minimal discomforts anymore since laser eye surgery promises to not only give the eyes freedom, but it also supports eye health.

2. Improved Vision

Of cours,e this benefit is the ultimate goal of the procedure. For years now, laser eye surgery has already proven its purpose and its effectivity to individuals who have undergone the surgery.

What’s good about laser eye surgery is that aging people may also have their visions adjusted from time to time. Since the procedure is done through laser technology, one wouldn’t have to wait for days or weeks to experience the results of the surgery. Just within minutes after the procedure, one can already enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery.

3. Long-lasting Results

One thing is for sure – laser eye surgery isn’t cheap. However, quality wise, the surgery really does come with a very reasonable price. This is because of the long-lasting results that one will surely benefit from. We all know going back and forth to the optimal clinic just to have the lenses adjusted may even cost as much – we just do not notice it. Aside from that, it may also be time consuming most especially for those who are living a fast-paced life. So if we’re talking about something worth investing to keep our vision clear then laser eye surgery is on the top list.

What are the Risk Factors and Possible Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery?

As mentioned above, some individuals who happen to have existing health conditions may not be qualified for the procedure. Most especially for individuals who have the following:

  • Dry eyes
  • Thin or irregularly shaped corneas
  • Unstable vision
  • Heightened refractive error
  • Minors (Must be over 18 years of age)
  • Pregnant women
  • Current degenerative disorders

Possible Side Effects of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery isn’t something that one should really be afraid of since the procedure is always done by experts and experiences surgeons. However, there could be inevitable instances where one may experience some drawbacks from the surgery.

According to research, the following are the possible side effects that have been experienced by some of the patients who had laser eye surgery:

1. Visual Discomfort

The reported discomfort is said to be temporary only. This claim is said to take place a few days after surgery. It usually goes away on its own also. Some patients reported mild irritations associated with sensitivity to light and glares when driving at night. Episodes of dry eyes are also possible during the first few days.

2. Eye Infection

Patients who may catch an eye infection after surgery may only have rare cases. However, be it any kid of surgical operation, any patient may always be vulnerable to infections. This is why experts would always recommend a bandage or cover on the eyes after surgery. A clean and healthy environment is also recommended to avoid possible irritations that may lead to eye infection.

3. Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is also another drawback that has been experienced by some patients after the surgery. However, this is also something temporary. Dry eyes may be cure and prevented with the use of eye drops.

4. Possible undercorrection, overcorrection, or regression

According to research, not all patients who had laser eye surgery will automatically experience 20:20 vision. Having said, it would still be possible for some patients to continue using contact lenses or glasses even though they’ve undergone surgery. This may happen if the laser was too much or it didn’t remove enough tissues on the cornea. It is also possible for the patient to use glasses again if the healing of the eyes after surgery got disrupted.
Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

Globally speaking, millions of people have already tried laser eye surgery since its introduction years ago. Even though there were reported drawbacks, laser eye surgery is still being recommended by experts. It has already proven its effectivity and safety on patients.

It also has impressive records that paved way for a lot of individuals to once again enjoy life without using any support just to appreciate and see the surroundings clearly.

laser eye surgery

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