Is Club Soda Good for You?

Club soda is a popular beverage used with mixed drinks. You might wonder if club soda good for you and how it compares with the nutritional value of regular sodas. There are other issues to consider like calories, carbs, and sugar.

Two glasses of club soda

Are you wondering if you should drink club soda? It is a popular beverage that you can drink alone or mixed with alcoholic beverages. As with other drinks, you should know issues like is club soda good for you.  

The first club soda was launched in 1877 in Ireland and promoted as a healthy drink. Today it would be tough to argue that any carbonated beverage is healthy food. However, it might seem that club soda is less unhealthy versus regular sodas. It’s important to take a closer look to separate fact from fiction. It’s also important if you’re on a low-carb diet since rum, whiskey, gin, brandy, and tequila are all 0-carbs. If you mix them with sugary drinks this will boost the carb count.

Sometimes it can be tough to define what makes a healthy drink. For example, tea, coffee, and fruit juice can be healthy. However, many of the store-bought products aren’t as such because they have additives like sugar, artificial colors/flavors, and others. Club soda does have a lighter taste than dark sodas like Coke and Pepsi. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s less unhealthy than those beverages. It’s necessary to check the facts like calories, carbs, sugar, etc. when weighing the fizzy drink.

What Exactly Is Club Soda?

You might hear club soda, tonic water, and seltzer water mentioned and wondered what the difference is. These are all alternatives to regular soda that can be used as a “mixer” for alcohol. These three are some of the main options.

There’s some overlap since all three drinks are carbonated. However, there are some differences in the fizzy drinks that make them unique.

First, club soda is a drink that includes carbonated water with chemical compounds for added flavor. There are some differences, but the main ingredients are the same, including the famous “sodium bicarbonate.”

There are some big pluses of this beverage over other soft drinks Club soda has zero calories and thus is 0-carb. It’s also caffeine-free, unlike many soft drinks on the market. One thing to watch out for is the drink’s sodium content. That is vary based on the serving size.

In most cases, the drink has under 5% of the daily recommended intake of 1500mg. So it won’t be a problem. The key is to drink a moderate amount, so you’re not consuming a sky-high amount of sodium.

It’s fine and dandy that the drink is relatively healthy compared to other options. How about the taste? Due to the salt content is somewhat’ saltier than seltzer water. However, it still has a clean and fresh taste, and can easily be substituted for or with seltzer.

Besides drinking solo, you can also use this soda has a cocktail mixer. It’s a key ingredient for various famous drinks and non-alcoholic ones like an Italian soda.

Here are some beverages that are similar to club soda:

  • Seltzer Water: H2O with carbon dioxide
  • Tonic Water: Carbonated water with high fructose corn syrup
  • Sparkling Water: Water naturally carbonated
  • Sparkling Mineral Water: Mineral water from natural spring/well

Is Club Soda Good for You?

Here’s what you get from 12 ounces

  • Calories: 
  • Sodium: 75mg
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Calcium: 2% DV
  • Carbs: 0

Top Uses for Club Soda

1. Pan Cleaner

That will make it easier to get rid of grease and other stuff on pots/pans. Just soak the item in soda to make your work easier. While the pot/pan is warm, pour some soda into it then let it soak for a couple of hours. 

2. Upset Stomach

This is a common health condition that many people have a home remedy. One you could try is club soda. The carbonation can help to neutralize the stomach acid. 

The second benefit is a complex one. The carbonation triggers burping. It helps to reduce the stomach’s pressure to make you feel better.

3. Countertop Cleaner

You’ll need a soft and clean cloth and some club soda. You can clean many surfaces around the home including countertops and porcelain. The soda provides multiple benefits. It’s a good cleaner and also produces a shiny surface.

4. Hair Protector

After going swimming, you can experience hair discoloration, and it’s more likely if you have color-treated hair. Just use club soda (1 can) to rinse the locks after swimming. That will help to protect the hair from losing color.

5. Rust Remover

It is an easy way to use soda. Just soak whatever you’re removing rust from for 1-2 hours. The carbonation’s bubbling can loosen rust on stuff so you can remove it easier. The process is a piece of cake.

6. Jewelry Cleaner

It might be a surprising one. You can soak jewelry all night in some club soda. The beverage’s bubbles can help to loosen up any grime. Then in the morning, just since and buff with a dry cloth after learning is club soda good for you.

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