Best Over-the-Counter Sleep Aid

Sleep aids help people deal with insomnia and other conditions that affect sleep.

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People usually take sleeping pills or aids to help their body achieve that sought after sleep and rest. Today’s technology has also made it possible to choose the best sleeping aid option available for the different and unique needs of each individual. There are many types to choose from and people may opt to go for over-the-counter (OTC) pills, prescription drugs, and natural supplements. The question remains then: What is the best over the counter sleep aid?

Why Some People Need Sleeping Pills

Basically, the majority of people may not even require or need the effects brought about by sleeping aids or pills. Good sleeping habits and avoiding the intake of nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol a few hours before bedtime can generally help people enhance their chances of getting enough and good quality sleep and rest. However, a health condition known as insomnia may require a different strategy when it comes to getting the desired sleep for patients. Insomnia will usually make it difficult or challenging for people to sleep and it may also affect the sleep quality of individuals resulting in patients waking up very early and feeling fatigued even after sleeping.

If adjustments to a person’s lifestyle do not result in better sleep duration and quality people may take sleeping aids or pills for enhanced sleep quality. Experts warn against the long term use of sleeping pills however as it may actually have the opposite effect on certain sleeping disorders especially if the body suddenly withdraws from using the sleeping pill or aid originally prescribed. It should only be used as a stop-gap measure or short term and possible solution to sleeping disorders that need immediate and drastic action.

Figuring out which type of sleeping pill will most likely be the responsibility of the patient’s or individual’s healthcare partner or doctor as the options range from supplements, OTC or over-the-counter and prescription options for those with sleeping disorders.

For this article, however, we will look at some of the best OTC or over-the-counter sleeping pills or aids for individuals requiring alleviation of their sleep disorder.

Best Over the Counter Sleep Aid Available in the Market

1. Drift off Premium Sleeping Aid

Overall best Over-the-Counter Sleeping Aid- This excellent Over-the-Counter sleeping aid is non-GMO and is generally good for vegans. This sleeping aid contains valerian root and melatonin which affirms its herbal-based approach to helping people with sleep disorders. It also has ingredients that promote calmness and reduces levels of anxiety and unnecessary stress.

A reviewer claims that after experiencing poor sleep cycles and patterns for eight long years, Driftoff was able to address the said sleeping disorder of the reviewer. Other reviewers seem to agree- Driftoff Premium Sleep aid is an effective over-the-counter or OTC sleeping aid for almost 1,700 individuals who gave the aforementioned product a five-star rating. For optimal results, individuals are advised to take two capsules a few minutes before bedtime.

2. Unisom Sleep Tablets

Insomnia is a serious health issue, and patients are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention from their healthcare partner. For those who need quick relief from insomnia, however, they may first try out Unisom Sleep Tablets. It has been shown to be effective against insomnia and the resulting sleeplessness from the said sleep disorder. This may be because Unisom Sleep Tablets contain significant amounts of antihistamine doxylamine succinate.

As this is an over-the-counter sleeping aid, it also has a lower risk or chance of being habit-forming. Unisom sleep tablets work for patients by making them feel drowsy encouraging feelings of sleepiness. One reviewer of Unisom Sleep Tablets commented that the product helped her with insomnia caused by pregnancy. Different reviewers also commented that their use of the product did not result in them feeling groggy or drowsy after waking up the following day. In addition, the Unisom Sleep Tablets come conveniently packed in 80 tablet packs for continuous and extended hours of sleep.

3. Stress-Relax Tranquil Sleep Chewables

Various stress-related issues and challenges may result in various sleep disorders and problems achieving relaxation and rest. These may include bills that are piling up, issues in a relationship, and work deadlines. To address all of these stress-related concerns, people may take the over-the-counter sleeping pill called stress-relax sleep chewable. This sleeping aid product contains many important components that help induce relaxation and calmness such as amino acids, suntheanin, melatonin, and 5-HTP. These components work synergistically to provide patients and individuals a more relaxed and rejuvenating sleep.

4. Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve Tablets

This over-the-counter sleeping aid can help travelers conquer sleep disorders or disruption caused by jet lag. This sleeping aid supplement can help encourage the body to ease in more easily into the new time zone. Helping patients achieve a more relaxed sleep even after a long flight.

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