Where To Buy Hemp Milk?

Hemp milk can be taken in place of cow’s milk but they may not be so easy to spot when doing your grocery shopping. This article will guide you on how and where to buy hemp milk.

Pouring Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is gotten from blending seeds of Cannabis saliva, a hemp plant, with water. Popular marijuana is also obtained from this plant. You are probably thinking to run to the opposite side when you see this milk but calm your nerves, hemp seeds products do not alter the mind like marijuana. It only contains a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound. Now that we have cleared the air we will proceed to talk about this milk and before the end of this article, then you will be well informed on where to buy hemp milk.

The flavor of hemp milk is both nutty and earthy with a cream-like consistency. You can use it to replace cow milk in your cereal, coffee, smoothie, and many more. While there is hemp milk made solely from water and seeds, there are other commercial brands that add salt, thickeners, and sweeteners to it. The impressive nutrition profile of this milk explains why it is highly sought after. Hemp milk not only supplies nutrients to the body but is loaded with healthy fats and proteins. It is said to have more amount of healthy fats and protein than other plant-derived milk like almond milk and rice. If compared to cow’s milk it will be discovered that hemp milk possesses less protein, carbs, and calories but almost the same quantity of fat.

Where To Buy Hemp Milk

The popularity of hemp milk is steadily increasing. Currently, you can be able to find it on the shelves of most grocery stores but if it is not available in your locality then you can purchase it online.

Do you know that in one unsweetened cup of hemp milk you get 83 calories, 4.7gms of protein, 1.3gms of carbs, 7% daily value of iron, 7.3gms of fat, and 2% daily value of calcium.

Commercially produced hemp milk has extra fortification of vitamins A, B, B12, phosphorus, and calcium. There may also be added thickeners, salt, sugar, or some other additives. The fat from hemp milk is mostly unsaturated fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3. These are essential fats for building up membranes and new tissues of the body.

Other hemp milk also supplies protein that can be easily digested and used up by your body. It is also considered to be a complete protein because of the presence of all essential amino acids in it.

Do you still need more reason to stock up on hemp milk? Maybe knowing that it is free of gluten, lactose and soy will help you. Okay, let’s talk about its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Hemp Milk

Studies have been carried out on hemp oil and hemp seeds. Their results suggest possible health benefits associated with consuming hemp plants. We can apply the same benefits to hemp milk as it is produced from the seeds.

Enhances skin health

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids content of hemp is present in the ideal ratio of 3:1 and 2:1. Getting enough of these fatty acids in your diet can help support the immune system of your skin from aging and inflammation.

A one month study was conducted on twenty people with the skin condition, eczema. They were given two tablespoons of hemp oil daily and at the end of the month, significant improvement in itchiness and skin dryness was noticed.

Another study of four thousand women reported that those who have a higher intake of omega 6 had lesser susceptibility to thinning or dry skin in comparison to others who have lesser intake. Hemp milk contains rich amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 hence it will promote the health of the skin easily.

Protects from health disease

The nutrients found in hemp may be useful in preventing heart disease. Specifically, the rich supply of arginine amino acid, which helps in producing nitric oxide. This oxide assists in blood vessel relaxations and maintains the blood pressure within a healthy range.

Arginine can also help in lowering the level of inflammatory (CRP) C-reactive protein in the bloodstream. High CRP levels are linked with increased heart disease risks. A study done on over thirteen thousand adults discovered that people who had a higher amount of arginine has thirty percent fewer chances of developing increased CRP levels.

Consuming products that contain arginine may help in maintaining the level of CRP and nitric oxide thus lowering heart disease risks.

How Hemp Milk Is Used

Since hemp milk serves as a replacement for cow’s milk, you can use it in several ways. This milk does not contain lactose, gluten, and soy hence it is a great choice for those who do not take dairy or are on a strict vegan diet. 

You can take hemp milk alone or add it to cold and hot cereal, smoothies, and baked goods. As a result of its protein content and creamy consistency, hemp milk is good for making cappuccinos, lattes, and coffee drinks in general.

However, don’t forget hemp milk comes with a nuttier and different flavor from cow’s milk. You can also decide to make hemp milk yourself, it is not a difficult process. What you need are the necessary ingredients which include unprocessed hemp seeds, and water. Blend at high speed until it is smooth.

Homemade hemp milk may not have the same nutrients as they bought in stores though. You can also add sweeteners to your homemade one for extra flavor or thickness. These sweeteners include maple syrup, honey, dates, vanilla extract, or sea salt.

But why stress your pretty fingers when you know where to buy hemp milk. Just walk into your nearest grocery store or check online to purchase the commercially produced hemp milk at affordable prices. Overall, this milk gotten from hemp seeds has been proven to contain several beneficial nutrients and will be a healthy inclusion to your balanced diet. 

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