What is Amylase?

A digestive enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the food starch to carbohydrates, amylase is produced either in the saliva or in the pancreas. Salivary amylase is important to our digestion as it initiates our digestion.

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The digestive system is one of those that we need to properly function. Our digestive system is composed of thousands of enzymes that each has its own function. Among these enzymes is the amylase which is found in the saliva where the digestive process starts. Let us learn more about how it functions, helps the digestive process and how it benefits our health.

The Basics About Amylase

A digestive enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the food starch to carbohydrates, amylase is produced either in the saliva or in the pancreas. Salivary amylase is important to our digestion as it initiates our digestion.

Without this enzyme, we will not have maltose that we need to fuel the energy that we need.

On the other hand, those that are produced in the pancreas are the pancreatic amylase. It gets to the small intestine by going through the pancreatic duct. This one is crucial to the completion of our digestive process as it produces glucose from carbohydrates and has these moved to the other parts of our body through the blood vessels.

Age, Dietary Habits and Amylase

Age, dietary habits and amylase are all interconnected. You see as we age or as we practice dietary habits, science says that we may have amylase deficiency. Of course, if we have this deficiency, there are some medical conditions that we will experience and suffer from.

So what are the signs of if you are deficient in this enzyme? Having as, allergies, skin rash, and constipation are among the indications. If you also suffer from general digestive upset and mood swings, there is a good chance that you have this condition.

According to clinical experts, a deficiency will affect not just our digestive system but also it can result in the occurrence of inflammation. This can possibly happen because activities involving this enzyme are important to white blood cell excretion. If this function does not happen, then inflammation may occur. Aside from this, a low presence of this enzyme can also lead to instability in the blood sugar level as well as the development of food allergies.

We have covered how amylase affects or play a crucial role in our digestive system. Now it is best to learn more about the other benefits that we get from this one.

Impact on People With Rheumatic Diseases

How does it affect patients who are suffering from rheumatic diseases? Many clinical research experts have started to study how important amylase is to those with these ailments. They found that participants who were diagnosed with rheumatic ailments and had the oral version of the enzyme have exhibited a sort of anti-inflammation effects. This research indicated that oral enzymes show promise on being effective minus the side effects as compared to drugs.

Boosts Immunity

The benefits that we get from amylase do not stop from boosting our digestive system. Another important benefit of this enzyme is how it supports our autoimmune system. A clinical study done by a team of great researchers found that antigen aggregations can be delayed or slowed down with the presence of the enzyme. The study also found in the research how it alleviates tissue damages as it manages the functioning of the proteins involved in boosting our immunity.

Impact on Cell Development

Therapies involving a lot of enzymes are gaining popularity in some countries such as Switzerland. A study conducted by a team of researchers from this country found how amylase shows promise in lessening the side effects of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. The research team also found some indication that it can prolong the survival time of people with tumor cells.

Amylase and Blood Sugar

Our body enzymes offer us a lot of health benefits. As with the case of amylase, one of its uses is lowering our blood sugar. Several studies can support this claim. One of several clinical studies done on the link between metabolism and the enzyme found inverse relations of amylase and blood sugar. Researchers claim that low amylase number means a high blood sugar level.

Relations With Energy and Stress Levels

Another breakthrough that researchers found with amylase contributions to our health is how it affects our energy and stress levels. For instance, a certain study claimed that chronic stress and sudden mood changes happen when this enzyme in our saliva is too low. As for the other benefit, energy production will be efficient if we have a sufficient amylase level in our body. Medical experts agree on this as this means that we will get all the carbohydrates that we can get from the starch that we have eaten.

Delays Aging

Last but not least, a good effect of this digestive enzyme is that it delays our aging process. So if you worry about premature aging, you might as well have your enzyme level checked by a medical professional. According to clinical studies, high enzyme levels is related to slowed aging. Researchers believe that this is due to its ability to alleviate the occurrence of oxidative stress which advances our aging process.

What Is My Personal Take on This Subject

As previously mentioned, in some countries, especially those in the European region, oral enzymes are becoming more prominent. Some people are intaking these enzymes with the hope of improving their health status and get the benefits that these offer to us.

The search for alternative treatments is growing nowadays. Intaking oral enzymes can do us good but it is still important that before doing so, we need to consult with a medical professional. Medical consultation is essential to foresee and prevent any possible adverse effects of using oral enzymes. Among all, clinical experts can recommend the best dosage for our bodies. This way, we can maximize all the benefits that we can get from them.

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