Serrapeptase Health Benefits and Uses

Serrapeptase is an enzyme given by silkworms. Serrapeptase surprisingly has a lot of benefits and uses in the health industry.


You might be wondering, “What is serrapeptase? Where does it come from? What is it used for?” Most importantly, one would also wonder what exactly this can contribute to our health and how. These questions are normal when it comes to this enzyme as it is one of the most unusual supplements to be discovered. But have no fear, as it is proven to be effective and safe for human consumption!

Serrapeptase is an enzyme given by silkworms. Yes, you read that right. Silkworms have groups of bioactive groups of bacteria known as Serratia that roam inside it, and these are responsible for producing this enzyme. Since Serrapeptase is an enzyme that dissolves protein, Serratia bacteria use it to break down the silk cocoon of these silkworms when transforming into moths. Because of this characteristic, Serrapeptase surprisingly has a lot of benefits and uses in the health industry.

Serrapeptase Acts as a Painkiller

As unusual as its origin may seem, Serrapeptase is used in different countries as a medical drug. It is commonly recommended for conditions that induce severe physical pain to patients such as different types of arthritis and osteoporosis. This is because of the protein-dissolving properties that Serrapeptase possesses. They help decrease pain by fighting inflammation and boosting the immune system at the same time.

In fact, one study suggests that Serrapeptase is found to be “the most effective in reducing inflammation.” How does it accomplish this? For one, it shuts down toxins that build up the swelling of muscles. Next is it dissolves debris that irritates any injury that could cause the swelling, giving more relief to the problem area.  Another is that it slows down and decreases the storage of fluid in tissues, thus making the drainage of fluids better.

It Helps Heal your Body Quicker

This enzyme not only dissolves protein in the body. It also influences the body’s processes to act quicker, therefore helping it heal quicker. In line to the previous benefit, it boosts the immune system because of this property. In fact, some research has found that it even reduces scarring on the body. Because of its strong dissolution, it can also dissolve tissues that make up the scars on one’s body parts. Not only that, serrapeptase also hastens the repair of tissues.

It Prevents the Body from Infections

Furthermore, Serrapeptase also has properties that restrict the growth of biofilms that shield the effects of antibiotics. These biofilms are dangerous as they allow different bacteria to grow if not treated. Because of this property, some studies were conducted and found that some antibiotics have better and faster effects in treating bacterial infections when combined with Serrapeptase. Some even suggest that this could also help treat even bacteria that are strongly resistant to antibiotics — a meaningful milestone for the medical industry.

It Reduces Coughing

Because of the nature of Serrapeptase and its properties, it also exhibits the effects of reducing fluid secretions by the body. One common example of this is mucus. It helps thin out the mucus secretion and buildup along the airways. Therefore, it helps reduce coughing, clears breathing, and reduces inflammation along the respiratory tract. Because of this discovery, Serrapeptase is now used in treating different cardiorespiratory diseases. It is even used in reducing mucus production in the lungs. Some of the diseases it has been used on are a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and pulmonary hypertension to name a few.

It Dissolves Blood Clots

Aside from proteins, Serrapeptase is also able to break down proteins in blood clots including fibrin that can be found in dead tissue. It greatly reduces the buildup of blood in the arteries. Because of this, it can greatly reduce the risks of stroke due to the formation of blood clots. It is one more benefit that can greatly make a difference to an individual’s health. Aside from this, the same fibrin is also responsible for the occurrence of scars. Which makes it connected to the reduction of tissues that form scars.

While these are the most known and well-proven facts that Serrapeptase can benefit the human body, there are also other benefits that have yet to undergo more research and tests. These are some of the potential health benefits that this enzyme can bring.

Other Health Benefits

Serrapeptase may aid the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Brain cells are wasted by this illness, causing the slow progression of losing one’s cognitive skills and memory. Since this illness progresses continuously throughout the brain, slowing down the process can mean more time to heal. According to a few studies, some plaques found in patients who suffer Alzheimer’s disease react positively to Serrapeptase. This means these plaques were reduced and thus can benefit the treatment of this disease. One study even claims that Serrapeptase reduces the level of activity of inflammatory enzymes in these patients’ bodies.

It can treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are several studies that test the effect of Serrapeptase on patients who suffer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This disease is a common condition that causes numbness or tingling in the hand. It is caused by the compression of one of the median nerves in the hand while it travels up to the wrist. Research finds that some patients react positively to the treatment. However, there were also a few that had recurrences. This is why this aspect of Serrapeptase is yet to be researched further.

Serrapeptase is proven to be one of the most unusual and yet important discoveries in the health industry. It has several benefits that help boost the strength of the immune system, while simultaneously preventing a number of diseases and conditions from occurring to the body. It proves to be significant for its role in speeding the body’s processes especially when it comes to healing infections, inflammation, and swelling. Definitely, Serrapeptase is one enzyme that a health-concerned individual would not miss out on researching. Because of the potentials, it exhibits, who knows what else it has to offer in the future with further studies?


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