Uses of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Skin Care

Pumpkin seed oil for skin can provide several benefits. They include functioning as an antioxidant, absorbing moisture, preventing acne, and slowing down aging. Pumpkin seeds like other seeds are high in protein and fatty acids.

Pumpkin seed oil

Are you looking for a natural skin care product? If so, then you should consider pumpkin seed oil for skin. The first pumpkin pie was made by early American settlers. It included stewed pumpkins or hollow pumpkin shells filled with milk, spices, and honey. Pumpkin is often considered a superfood due to the various nutrients it contains, including vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Pumpkins are used for several purposes, like pumpkin lattes, and roasted seeds. However, pumpkin seed oil can also be used for many health benefits, including ones for the skin and hair. It’s important to know the many benefits you can get.

The oil from pumpkin seeds provides many of the same benefits as other seeds. They’re high in nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins/minerals. These can provide many health benefits when consumed and also when extract oil is used for health benefits. One of the main benefits of seeds like chia, flax, and sesame is they’re high in healthy fatty acids including, omega-3s. These are “good” fats that can provide a wide range of health benefits for the hair, skin, heart, brain, etc. We often think of fat as being unhealthy. However, in recent decades scientists and health experts and put healthy fat front and center. That includes applications like improving skin health through topical products.

What Exactly Is Pumpkin Seed Oil?

The oil is a substance made from seeds that are roasted and pressed. This edible oil was first made in Austria during the 1600s. Today you can find it in many regional dishes throughout the world. 

This oil can provide several benefits. For example, it adds a slightly nutty flavor to food. It’s also high in healthy fatty acids, so it’s a better option than other oils that are high in omega-6s, for example.

This oil is extracted from a particular type of pumpkin known as the “Styrian” pumpkin. This pumpkin is native to Austria’s Styrian region and is also found in other areas like Croatia and Slovenia. This pumpkin is world-famous for its yellow/orange or yellow/green skin.  

During past years the Styrian pumpkins have also been grown outside Europe. That includes regions like the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Each year farmers harvest the pumpkins. The seeds then get short-term roasting and are pressed. It makes oil from the pumpkin seed.

Usually, the oil is thick/green, although it can look a little reddish when held close to the light. After the oil is bottled, it is sold in supermarkets or specialty stores. It might be tougher to find in supermarkets due to the niche market.

There are various uses of oil. For example, it’s added to meats, veggies, and salads. In Europe, it’s even poured over yogurt and ice cream sometimes.

The oil is also used for skincare. That is due to the nutrients like Vitamin A/C/E, omega-3/6 fatty acid. It’s also high in zinc.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Skin


The plant-based oil is high in various nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and E. These are all powerful vitamins/antioxidants that can help boost skin health. One of the main ways is by fighting off “free radical” molecules. They attack healthy skin cells and can produce various effects like illness/disease. All 3 of these vitamins are skin-friendly ones that are needed for healthy skin.

Fatty Acids 

The oil from pumpkin seeds also contains omega-3 and omega-6. These are essential fatty acids that can help to improve skin health. Omega-3 is generally considered a healthier fatty acid. However, both are needed for good health. The fatty acids can help add moisture and nutrients to the skin needs.


Another benefit of the oil is it can add moisture to the skin. It’s necessary to keep skin hydrated, whether it’s through food, water, or oils/creams/lotions. If the skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it can cause many problems like red, dry, and flaky skin. Those are situations you’ll want to avoid.


It’s believed the oil might also include anti-aging properties. These products have been trending in recent years as people strive to look and feel younger. There’s no way to actually “stop” the aging process. However, we can slow it down, and many seed oils seem to provide this benefit. They can help the skin look and feel younger.


This mineral can provide several benefits, including stronger bones. It can also team up with Vitamin E to help with wound healing and skin tone. These are both important skin-friendly benefits to look for in topical products.


If you want to treat acne, then a good option if natural oils. People often get mixed up about the real causes of acne. It results from hair follicles getting clogged up with skin oil and dead skin cells. Some effective treatments include seed-based oils.

Top Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

1. Prostate Health

Studies show that oil from pumpkin seed might help to treat enlarged prostates known as BPH. This condition can be quite painful and block urine flow. For example, one study showed that BPH in pumpkin seeds’ oil could function as a kind of alternative medicine with no side-effects.

2. Heart Health

In recent years scientists have been focusing on the benefits of unsaturated fats over saturated fats. You get the good kind from pumpkin seeds/oils. We also need saturated fat but it’s good to have a high ratio of unsaturated/saturated fat. Healthy unsaturated fat can help to boost heart health.

3. Urinary Health

The oil also seems to help the urinary tract work better. This includes the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Each part needs to function properly. Researchers learned that giving people p to 1000mg of pumpkin-based oil caused a big drop in bladder problems. That included nighttime urination while sleeping.

4. Hair/Skin

The natural oil can provide several benefits for hair and skin. This is based on factors like healthy fats and vitamins/minerals. Studies show that it can help to boost hair growth and mostly in men.

For example, one study discovered that when men took 400mg of the oil daily for 6 months they experienced benefits. That included 40% higher hair growth versus men who took a fake pill. There are also no unwanted side-effects, which was another plus.

5. Mental Health

This might be a surprising one. Studies show that using the seeds and oil from pumpkins can help to fight depression and boost mood. These are both important results for mental health. For example, one past study showed positive results when kids with depression ate pumpkin seeds. This is one of the many benefits of the fruit, seeds, and pumpkin seed oil for skin.

Top health benefits of pumpkin seed oil for skin

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