Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is classified as a sex hormone and it is very important in males. Sadly a large part of the population have a reduced amount of this hormone and this should not be so. In this article, we listed out natural ways to boost testosterone. We hope you find this information beneficial.

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Testosterone is a distinguishing sex hormone in males. A small quantity of this hormone is also present in females. Testosterone is produced both in the testicles of men and ovaries of women. This hormone is very important in males as it regulates fertility, fat distribution, production of RBCs, and muscle mass. An insufficient amount of testosterone can result in infertility issues, to prevent this from happening there are natural ways to boost testosterone in your body. Recently, more cases of low testosterone are reported on a regular basis.

Due to this, several supplements for boosting this hormone are produced but rather than using supplements that may have negative side effects, in the long run, it’s better to go for the natural way. Some of the benefits that come from maintaining your testosterone level include disease risk, sexual function, general health, and many others. As you read on you will come to realize more importance of testosterone and why you need to maintain it at an optimal level.  

Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

These are some natural healthy ways that you can apply to help boost testosterone levels.

1. Weight lifting and exercise

Exercising is a very useful means of avoiding a lot of diseases related to lifestyle. Interestingly, it is also a good way of boosting the level of your testosterone. A large study discovered that individuals who carry out regular exercise had higher levels of testosterone. The older one’s frequent exercise helps to increase the level of testosterone, fitness, and time of reaction.

New research carried out in men who had obesity suggests that increasing the amount of testosterone, was more beneficial to improve physical activity than going on a diet for weight loss. The best form of exercising to achieve enhanced testosterone level is resistance training like weight lifting. Performing high-intensity activities at intervals is also known to be effective. All other forms of exercise should produce the same result to an extent.

2. Eat carbs, fat, and protein

The kinds of food you eat play a major role in boosting your testosterone and other hormones too. Thus, you have to pay close attention to the number of calories you consume and how you go about your diet. If you are constantly on a diet or you eat too much, it may disrupt this hormone level.

By eating a sufficient amount of protein, you are equipping your body to maintain healthy hormone levels and also aiding the loss of fat. Fat is linked to testosterone. Research has shown carb helps in optimizing testosterone levels, particularly during resistance exercises. A sufficient amount of healthy fats are also said to benefit overall health and testosterone.

Your best bet here is to eat a balanced diet containing all three, fat carbs, and proteins. This will give you good health and boost your body’s testosterone.

3. Reduce your cortisol level and minimize stress

Stress has been highlighted as a factor that can increase the cortisol hormone in the long run. An increase in this hormone will lead to a quick decrease in testosterone. This decline happens so fast. The effect of increased cortisol and stress levels may cause a subsequent weight gain, increased food intake, and harmful fat storage around the body’s organs. All these changes may likely affect your testosterone negatively.  

For optimal hormone levels and health, you have to reduce stress. Focus on whole food diets, exercise regularly, laughter, good sleep, and let your lifestyle be balanced. Doing this would minimize your stress level, increase your testosterone and enhance your health.

4. Get more sun

You probably must have heard about the popular vitamin D. this vitamin has been shown to have several health benefits, it is said to also boost testosterone naturally. Despite how important this vitamin is, a large percentage of Americans have below an optimal level of it. The result of a twelve-month study showed that using a daily supplement of 3,000IU of this vitamin increased the level of testosterone by twenty-five percent.

In the older ones, calcium and vitamin D optimizes the level of testosterone and can reduce the risk of its decline.

5. Get enough rest and sleep

Just as you prioritize your diet and exercising, you should also take note of your sleep quality as it can have a huge impact on hormone levels. There is no general recommended time allocated for sleep as this varies amongst individuals but a study has discovered that having five hours of uninterrupted sleep each night was associated with a fifteen percent decrease in testosterone levels.

6. Live healthily

this is a basic point and can be seen as a summary of all the points listed here on natural ways to boost testosterone. Your hormones are largely affected by your lifestyle. Do you know that even a healthy sex life plays an important part in controlling testosterone levels and sex hormones?

You should also avoid exposing yourself to chemicals that are similar to estrogen as this can affect your hormone levels. Avoid or limit coming into contact with parabens, BPA and some other chemical which are found in certain plastic types. You probably must have guessed that excess drug use or alcohol intake be it for recreational or medical purposes can reduce testosterone levels.

Let laughter and happiness be a part of your daily life as this would aid in boosting your hormone and health level.

What’s So Important About Testosterone Levels?

From age twenty-five and thirty, the level of testosterone in every male begins to decrease gradually. This poses a problem as researchers have found a connection between obesity and low testosterone, high risk of diseases, and premature mortality. Women also need a healthy amount of testosterone as it plays a role in their body.

What To Do

If you noticed any signs and symptoms that show that your level of testosterone is on a dangerous low or even just slightly decreased then you might want to start implementing the natural ways to boost testosterone levels. Also, rather than wait till then you can check to balance your lifestyle to make sure that all is in place.

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