Long Term Effects of Adderall

Adderall is a kind of oral prescription medicine that is made from combining amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It has long since been used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, and also nearly all cases of narcolepsy, which is a kind of sleeping disorder.

long term effects of adderall

Adderall is an oral prescription medicine that is made from combining amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It has long since been used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and also nearly all cases of narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder.

The main purpose of Adderall is to act as a stimulant. Most of the time, this takes effect on the brain. Since the medication stimulates the brain, it helps ADHD patients be more focused on the things around them and even when they do certain activities. The patients also get to pay more attention and they get to control certain behaviors.

In the case of treating narcolepsy, Adderall helps them stay awake. Because narcolepsy is a disorder in which the person gets unnecessary sleep episodes that occur during daytime at most, they need a drug that will stimulate their nervous system to avoid falling asleep.

The use of Adderall has proven its great purpose as a medicine, but it’s the same with every drug. Each use always leads to some effects, which may be common, but also has the possibility to lead to harmful side effects.

Long Term Effects of Adderall

Though Adderall is widely known as a drug to treat ADHD, it is sometimes misused by some people. Others intended to use Adderall as a recreational drug and this instead made them heavily dependent on using too much of the medicine. This perhaps is when misuse leads to harmful addiction and thus leads to side effects.

Sleep Difficulties and Insomnia

Too much use of Adderall means excessive stimulation in the brain. When people take up Adderall, it keeps them awake. Adderall is commonly used by most college students to help them from studying, especially during the times when they get into sleepless nights just to finish their projects and requirements. Also, the use of the drug without a prescription makes it even worse. Since it is normally a prescription drug for ADHD (meaning the drug is used to somehow balance the chemicals in the brain), when a normal person uses the drug, he will feel a lot more exhausted than usual.

Lethargy and Fatigue

Another side effect when a person abuses Adderall is that their energy deteriorates in the long run. The use of the drug is meant for stimulation; therefore the person uses it and receives the amount of stimulation needed for a certain activity. But when that person uses too much of the drug and the body already reaches its limit, that’s when he instead gets lethargic and feels fatigue or too much tiredness.

Inability to Concentrate and Lack of Motivation

Due to fatigue, a person who abused Adderall is now unable to concentrate and has a lack of motivation.

Depression and Anxiety

The brain is a complex human organ. It consists of different chemicals that when gets imbalanced or are not in a normal state, can cause a wide range of disorders such as depression and anxiety. These mental disorders are dangerous and may lead to a person being suicidal. When a drug used for mental disorders is overused, it will make a great deal of effect on the brain.

Paranoia and Hallucinations

Another two possible mental disorders that can occur from Adderall abuse are paranoia and hallucinations. Just like any other mental disorder, these two are also considered dangerous. A person with paranoia, when left alone, can do things that may harm himself or other people. Paranoia and hallucinations are also products of chemical imbalance in the brain, which can be caused by the same drug overuse.

Panic Attacks and Tremors

The powerhouse of the nervous system, or even the whole body itself, is the brain. So when the brain gets compromised, it is sure to cause a lot of effects in the body. Panic attacks are like anxiety; they make the person fear even the simplest of things. And like anxiety, panic attacks can cause a great deal of danger to the person or to the people around him. Tremors, on the other hand, are a physical effect from abuse of Adderall, though it is also connected to the brain since it is related to the nervous system. Tremors happen as the involuntary shaking of the body. Though there different causes of tremors, this one happens as drug-induced. Imagine that there are drugs that naturally cause tremors to the body, and then when used too much will give the person even worse series of shaking.

Headaches and Constipation

Just like any other medication, too much Adderall can cause headaches and constipation. Even if people normally get headaches, when this is caused by overmedication it can be considered bad. This kind of headache is not the same as normal ones since there is a big possibility that the medicine affected a certain system or part of the body, thus causing the headache.

Heart Problems

When taken more than usual, Adderall has a high chance of getting the medicine user at high risk of heart problems. It is also possible that the person will experience high blood pressure and stroke. Mainly because Adderall is a stimulant, it greatly affects the adrenaline of the body and thus leads to an unusually fast heart rate and palpitations. This then makes Adderall an even great danger for those who already have existing cardiovascular problems.

From taking Adderall, it does not necessarily lead to a heart attack. Sometimes, even small symptoms can be caused by too much use of Adderall. Chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and irregular heartbeat are some minor symptoms from Adderall abuse, but even these should not be taken lightly.

The most effective way of drug medications is to use them with a prescription. Occasionally, people engage themselves with medicines without the advice of a doctor. When people abuse a certain drug, it may not immediately cause side effects the moment they use it, but in the long run, more danger will occur.

Every person needs to learn to be responsible when using any kind of drug medication and most importantly always ask for a doctor’s advice and be aware of any possible side effect this medicine may bring.

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