Lion’s Mane: What Does This Mushroom Offer?

Lion’s mane mushroom is both a medicinal and cuisine wonder due to its amazingly weird taste and medicinal properties. It often times included in Asian cuisines and sometimes formed as a supplemental pill.

lion's mane mushroom

Lion’s mane mushroom is abundant in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, and some parts in the Middle East. Although Asians have been using it in cuisines and medicine for years, it has just recently gained popularity in the rest of the world. 

They are called the lion’s mane mushroom due to its mane-like umbrella. Not only is this mushroom medicinal, but it also has a unique flavor. 

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Could Help Improve Brain Functions

The brain-like the rest of the part of our body is an evolving and degenerative thing. It forms and connects neurons rapidly but when we grow old, there is a decline in the growth and connection of these neurons and cells. Sometimes, degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s happen when we age. All of these are caused by natural circumstances however that does not mean that we do not have the means of preventing or even alleviating its symptoms. A recent study sheds light on the potential of the lion’s mane mushroom to help trigger and stimulate the development of new brain cells. It also appears that some properties in the mushroom help improve brain functions. In fact, it helps reduce mental loss and other degenerative symptoms of the brain.

In an animal study, it concluded that the lion’s mane mushroom helps in generating brain cell development. Especially in the region of the brain called the hippocampus.

Hippocampus is the one responsible for making sense of emotions. It is also responsible for past memories that we, once in a while flash in our minds. This probably backs the explanation as to why the lion’s mane mushroom might have some positive effects on psychological disorders as these experiments suggest.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Might Help in Some Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety are quite rampant nowadays, especially in developed countries. It is quite surprising that most people in developed countries tend to be more depressed or have anxiety attacks. This is quite logical too since everyone from any parts of the world can indeed contract depression, anxiety, and several other psychological disorders. Depression and anxiety are said to be mainly due to chronic inflammation. The lion’s mane mushroom is anti-inflammatory. With this, in a way, the lion’s mane mushroom helps lift the mood and alleviate these psychological disorders.

Heals Nervous System Issues Faster

The nervous system is a collection of functioning parts all interconnected with each other to help in body coordination, intellectual functions, and many more. The brain, spinal cord, and the nerves all connect to one another to form one big singular unit of a system to aid the body in surviving life. A blow on the nervous system usually means a big blow in its entirety since all parts of the system are interconnected with one another.

An injured nervous system might heal at a very slow pace and at the time, it does not heal at all. A recent study shows that the lion’s mane mushroom can help fasten the healing pace of the injuries due to the properties that trigger brain cell growth. In a rat experiment, it has been shown that there is at least a 20% increase in the time of the nervous system healing. This study also showcases the potential of the mushroom to alleviate the symptoms of the aftershock of a brain stroke.

This is due to its calming effect on the part of the rat’s brain where the stroke happened. It lessened the inflammation by at least 40 % percent. These results are quite hopeful but are not concrete since these tests are mainly animal subjects. No human subjects have been used to conclude this study.

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom Helps the Digestive Tract

There is a disorder common amongst people that are usually located in their digestive tracts. This disorder is brought about by the wreckage of the H. pylori.

The growth of the H. pylori bacteria in number is the main reason why digestive tract ulcers happen. A recent study shows that the lion’s mane mushroom might have the potential to prevent or even stop ulcers by inhibiting the growth of this type of bacteria.

The study is conducted in a controlled environment, in a test tube to be exact. No human has been tested in this study. There is no certainty for sure if the claims about the bacteria inhibition are actually correct.

In addition to that, these animal studies show that the lion’s mane mushroom is more potent in treating ulcers induced by alcohol. It is also good in repairing damaged tissues during the session of the disorder wreckage.

All in all this mushroom is great in many ways. If you are someone that is dead set on having this product infused in your everyday lifestyle, I suggest that you visit your doctor first and ask whether this kind of product is suitable for you. Also, there is the matter with dosage. Ask your doctor in terms of the allowed dosage for you.

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