Is Seltzer Water Good for You?

Carbonated and sparkling water has been a trend for some time. But people are still not sure whether it is safe and healthy. To help out we will be looking at is seltzer water good for you.

Is Seltzer Water Good for You?seltzer water good for you.

So for some years now, people have reduced their consumption of soda. Well, that doesn’t mean some people aren’t on their A-game in the consumption of soda. It just means that a good number of people have realized that soda isn’t any good for the body. In a bid to detach from consuming so much soda some people have decided to opt for sparkling water such as seltzer water. The thing though is that there has been a debate on this as well for a while. Is seltzer water good for you? We’ll find out in a bit. 

For some time now seltzer has been trending. And that, of course, isn’t a surprise. People who have been trying to reduce their sugar intake have resulted in taking this beverage. But the truth is that there are so many things people don’t know about seltzer water. That’s why today we will be taking a look at the things you need to know about seltzer water just before you go for it. We will also be looking at if it’s indeed good or bad for you to consume. So keep reading so that you would be able to find out more. 

Is Seltzer Water Good for You 

So what exactly is seltzer water? This is water that is prepared under high pressure and infused with carbon dioxide. And this is what causes the bubbles. That’s why it’s simply called carbonated water. If the seltzer water is flavored, it would read carbonated water with natural flavor. 

Seltzer water isn’t club soda: So many mistaken seltzer water to be club soda but it isn’t. Seltzer water is simply a form of carbonated water. Club soda, on the other hand, is used in making cocktails. And it is known to have a better flavor since it has more bicarbonate, sodium, and potassium sulfate.

That’s why it’s not advisable to take more club soda. If you have any underlying condition then you might want to ask your doctor before taking club soda. Especially if the condition is quite sensitive to salt consumption. 

It is believed that plain seltzer water is really good. It’s said to be as hydrating as water. So when opting for seltzer water the best option to opt for is water without any additives. 

So is seltzer water good while working out? Well, if we look at the fact that it’s as hydrating as water then the answer would be yes. But then again we must remember that it’s carbonated water. This means that if consumed in large amounts it can cause bloating or gas. And that wouldn’t be good for you while you’re working out. 

Another thing about seltzer is that it can be harmful to the teeth if taken in excess. But if you take it in moderation and also wash your mouth with water after taking seltzer there shouldn’t be a problem. You can consider your teeth safe from enamel erosion by seltzer water. 

When You Should Not Be Consuming Seltzer Water 

So there are some certain situations and conditions that warrant reducing your consumption of seltzer. Let’s take a look at some of the conditions. 

  • If you are on an acidic diet: This means that you are consuming highly acidic foods. Such foods are pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon juice, tomatoes, pineapples, apples, blueberries, and many more. Consuming so many acidic foods together with seltzer isn’t a good combination. 
  • People that have sensitive GI tract or IBS: so if you have a sensitive GI tract or IBS then seltzer water might not be for you. And the reason for this is because it could cause more irritation in the stomach. And this can worsen the symptoms that come with IBS

Take note also that seltzer water isn’t a replacement for your food. This water doesn’t contain all the nutrients that your body needs. It contains just very little. So you must eat well even when taking seltzer water. 

Benefits of Sparkling Water 

  • Provides minerals to the body: One of the big benefits of sparkling water is that it contains a lot of minerals. And with that, it can provide these minerals to the body. And we know that minerals also have a lot of roles to play in the normal functioning of the body. Another interesting thing about the minerals found in sparkling water is that they are easily absorbed. With that, your body would have access to the minerals in little or no time. 
  • Helps manage blood sugar level: One of the components of sparkling water is bicarbonate. This compound has a role in regulating the pH of the blood. This is so that the blood wouldn’t be too acidic or too basic. A study that was carried out showed that taken mineral water that is rich in bicarbonate would help improve glycemic control. And with this, it would help regulate blood glucose levels in the body. 
  • A better alternative to soda: As mentioned earlier, some people have stopped their consumption of soda. And are now opting for seltzer. The thing though is that you must make your that your sparkling water is free of additives. Once that’s the case, you can be sure that you’re taking something healthier than soda. 
  • Calms motion sickness: Another amazing benefit of sparkling water is that it helps with calming down motion sickness. So if you’re going on a long bus or ship trip you might want to get some sparkling water. As long as it does not contain caffeine it would go a long way in removing the queasiness. 

Finding seltzer or any other sparkling water is quite easy. All you have to do is walk into a grocery store and you would be able to get it. Make sure you get one that doesn’t have additives. That way you can be sure that you’re consuming something healthy. At the same time, you would be able to enjoy the benefits that come with it. We hope we have been able to answer your question is seltzer water good for you. 

Carbonated and sparkling water has been a trend for some time. But people are still not sure whether it is safe and healthy. To help out we will be looking at is seltzer water good for you.

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