How to Stop a Bloody Nose with Home Remedies

Don’t know what to do when you have a bloody nose? Try these home remedies!

Bleeding nose

Experiencing a bloody nose is rather common, unlike other conditions. Despite it being usual, it can still appear scary to some people. Having nosebleeds could mean that you or the person you know has a medical problem. As you probably know, your nose has blood vessels. These can be found on the surface in the back and front of your nose. Also, these can bleed easily as they are very fragile. Most of the time, a bloody nose occurs in children and adults. Discover more about bloody noses and possible home remedies on how to stop bloody nose by reading through this article.

About Nosebleeds

Before you learn about the possible causes and treatments for a bloody nose, you must first know that it has two types: posterior nosebleed an anterior nosebleed.

Posterior nosebleed happens in the deepest part of your nose. When you have a nosebleed there, the blood usually flows to the back of your throat. Because of this, a posterior nosebleed is considered dangerous. On the contrary, anterior nosebleed happens in front of your nose. This is because the blood vessels there broke and bleed.

Since the blood vessels in your nose are fragile, there are tons of causes of nosebleeds. If you frequently experience bloody nose, be sure that you visit your doctor. This could mean that your condition is already serious. Below are the other causes of nosebleed:

  • Dry air: This is the most common way that you can get a bloody nose. This is because your nasal membranes tend to become dry when the air is dry. It can also crust the inside of your nose, which will make your nose irritating and itchy. So when you scratch it, there is a high tendency that the nose will bleed.
  • Decongestants and antihistamines: Both of these can make your nasal membrane dry. Usually, antihistamines and decongestants are used for sinus problems, colds, or allergies.
  • Nose blowing: This can cause nosebleed when you blow your nose frequently
  • Aspirin
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Picking your nose
  • Injury in your nose
  • Sneezing too much
  • Allergy
  • Chemical irritants
  • Object stuck inside your nose
  • Cancer
  • Blood clot-related conditions
  • Bleeding
  • High blood pressure

The thing about nosebleeds is that it is not usually given medical attention since it is a common condition. But if it happens most of the time and usually lasts for more than 20 minutes, then you should go to your doctor.

If the condition is not worse, then you can simply sit up and gently squeeze the soft part of the nose. Keep the nostrils closed, which can last for 10 minutes, as you lean forward and breathe using your mouth. In the worst cases, you can end up in the emergency room. This can only happen if the type of nosebleed is posterior.

How To Stop A Bloody Nose: Home Remedies

Earlier, we already mentioned 2 ways that you can treat your bloody nose. In case those did not work for you, you can try any of the following home remedies:

1. Cold compress

Cold compress has been one of the popular ways to treat nosebleeds. All you need to do is place a cold compress in your nose. Keep it there for a few minutes so that the blood vessels in your nose will stop bleeding. During this time, the interior of your blood vessels will become narrow.

2. Taking vitamin K

Although this will not immediately stop the bloody nose, taking in vitamin K can prevent you from having a nosebleed. Just eat foods rich in this vitamin, like broccoli, cabbage, and spinach. The purpose of this vitamin is to form collagen in your nose that will keep the lining moist. Vitamin K can also protect the blood vessels from rupturing. You may also be protected from blood clotting from this vitamin.

3. Pinching the nose

This method was mentioned earlier. It is considered the easiest way you can stop the bleeding. Just pinch your nose to give pressure to the nasal septum. This is usually where the bleeding point happens. When you pinch this area, the bleeding will stop, immediately.

During this time, you need to keep your head forward. You need to use only your index and thumb fingers when pinching your nose. Also, you need to do this for about 5 to 10 minutes only. Of course, since your nose will be pinched, you will breathe through your mouth.

4. Vitamin C

Aside from vitamin K, you can eat foods that have vitamin C too. This can make your blood vessels strong so they are no longer fragile.

5. Water

The last home remedy that you can do is to drink lots of water. Research shows that when you lack liquid in your body, your mucous membranes can become dry and end up giving you a bloody nose. So be sure that you drink water. You can also add coriander leaves into your water if you want to.

Take Away

Nosebleeds are common for adults and children. Even if it did not happen to you yet, you probably know or have seen someone experience it. The good news about nosebleeds is that they are not required to have medical attention unless your condition is severe.

Once your nose starts to bleed, you can easily stop it through home remedies. You also have a chance to prevent having a bloody nose by drinking water and adding vitamins K and C into your diet. However, take note that in case you experience a bloody nose frequently, you must visit your doctor immediately. You will be taken to the emergency room to treat the said condition.

Despite being a common condition, you should not disregard nosebleeds as these can lead to serious ailments. Follow the abovementioned remedies and prevention tips as much as possible. If you have not experienced a bloody nose or knows someone that gets it most of the time, then it is better that you remember the tips mentioned here. These tips might come in handy someday.

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