How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast?

Do you have canker sores? If so then you’ll want to know how to get rid of canker sores fast. Salt rinses, aloe vera, and herbal tea are some home remedies. These sores are caused by factors like an unhealthy diet and genetics.

Canker sore

Are you dealing with canker sores? Fun Fact: The skin condition affects about one in five people. The sores in the inner mouth can be tough to deal with since they can cause lots of pain and discomfort in the inner mouth. They often go away without treatment but sometimes they’re needed to shrink the sores and reduce pain. This gives you time to recover while your body fights off the virus. It’s important to know how to get rid of canker sores fast, which can include treatments like salt rinses, herbal teas, and aloe vera. These can help to speed up the recovery process so you can get back to your daily life. You can also take prescription medicines but the strong chemicals can cause unwanted side-effects.  

Scientists aren’t entirely sure what causes canker sores. However, some of the main ones seem to be ones like diet, stress, and health conditions. In fact, it might be surprising that generally, food like apples, oranges, and tomatoes can sometimes trigger mouth blisters. It’s important to know some key facts about the condition including symptoms, causes, and treatments. This can help to deal with the condition more effectively and reduce aches/pain caused by the mouth condition.

What Exactly Are Canker Sores?

Canker sores are painful ulcers in the inner mouth. Scientists aren’t entirely sure what causes the condition. However, they believe it’s linked to factors like bad diet, oral shock.  

In most cases, the sores usually heal by themselves in a short time. However, if they become painful or spread then a doctor might have to give you a prescription to shrink the tiny ulcers and reduce pain.

It’s important to note that canker sores and cold sores are different. Cold sores are linked to a kind of herpes virus and usually show up in areas of the face like the mouth and lips.

Meanwhile, canker sores just appear inside the patient’s mouth. This includes areas like lips, gumline, cheeks, and tongue.

Usually, the sores look red/irritated and sometimes have a white covering. Another difference from cold sores is cankers can’t be passed on to other people.

Age and gender are somewhat related to these small ulcers. They typically start showing up during middle childhood. In addition, women are more likely to get canker sores than men. 20 to 29-year old women are most likely to experience these small ulcers. After that age range, the frequency of the sores usually decreases over time.

There are various steps people can take to reduce their chances of getting canker sores. They include avoiding oral trauma and rough food. It’s also a good idea to get more of certain vitamins and minerals like:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Folic acid  

Another factor is a person’s genes. If your family members get canker sores then you’re also more likely to get them.

Mouth ulcers can be very painful. There are various home remedies like applying gels onto the sores or taking aspirin. It’s also a good idea to avoid certain foods, which could trigger sores. Some foods to avoid are crunchy/salty foods, as well as tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, and particular enzymes.

How to Get Rid of Canker Sores Fast


There are different kinds of mouth rinses. A basic OTC rinse can help to keep the area clean and provide relief from aches/pain. Make sure to pick one that has antiseptics to numb the mouth and prevent infection.

Another kind of rinse to use is salt rinse. Salt has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy. It can help to provide relief and speed up healing. However, make sure you avoid using a medicated mouthwash even if you’re using a salt rise.

Chamomile tea

This herbal tea can be paired with honey to provide various health benefits including canker sore healing. It works by decreasing pain/inflammation. There’s little scientific proof that the tea/honey can help to treat mouth ulcers effectively.

However, in theory, this 1-2 punch could help treat the sores. Chamomile might be effective in treating inflammation. Meanwhile, honey is a powerful antiseptic that you can put directly on the sore.  

You can use the steeped tea in different ways. You can drink a cup of tea after adding honey. Another option is to let the tea cool down then apply it to the sore.

OTC Gel/Paste

You can apply OTC medications directly to the sores including gels and pastes. It will help to prevent irritation from foods like acidic/spicy food. You can also use patches to prevent any contact/irritation with the sores.


There are various supplements you can take including Vitamin B12. This vitamin is critical for brain function and is also needed for making red blood cells. One study showed Vitamin B12 helped reduce canker sore numbers and outbreaks.

Soft Brush

It’s important not to damage the canker sore, which could cause it to worsen. Make sure to pick a soft toothbrush. This can help to prevent canker sores from forming. You should also consider floss and mouthwash to keep your teeth/gums super-clean and prevent ulcer infection.

Tips to Prevent Canker Sores

1. Avoid spicy/acidic foods and beverages

These are popular foods but can trigger various health issues like canker sores. If you’re going to consume such foods/beverages try to minimize the amount. Spicy/Acidic foods are less alkaline so try to minimize how much you eat.

2. Avoid chewing/bubble gum

The reason is this can irritate the inner mouth and trigger canker sores. It’s tough to find organic gum today so the chemicals they contain can increase the chance of canker sores. That’s a situation you’ll want to avoid like the plague.  

3. Avoid not contacting your doctor when necessary

There are particular signs that the canker sores could be serious. Make sure to watch out for ones that are:

  • Large
  • Last 3+ weeks
  • Spreading
  • Make drinking fluids difficult
  • Cause fever
  • Cause serious pain

These could be a sign of a more serious health condition.

4. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate

This is a common ingredient in oral hygiene products. It’s one you should try to avoid since it could trigger canker ulcers. It’s a really technical ingredient but it’s quite easy to check the ingredient label and find out if a product has the stuff.

5. Avoid hard toothbrushes

When picking a toothbrush bristles go with soft or even medium ones instead of hard bristles. The reason is it can help to prevent shocking the ulcers, which can make the situation worse. Besides the toothbrush, you pick, make sure to brush gently so you don’t irritate the sores.

6. Avoid rough/sticky foods

This includes ones like potato chips. The problem food bits get stuck in the mouth, which can trigger small ulcers. This can cause lots of problems. If you’re going to each such food make sure to brush your teeth right afterward to lower the risk of mouth sores from forming after learning how to get rid of canker sores fast.

How to get rid of canker sore fast

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