Tips On How To Get Over Hypochondria

Hypochondria is also known as health anxiety. Find out the symptoms and how to get over hypochondria.

How To Get Over Hypochondria

We all have our fears and we all get anxious from time to time. But when you get anxious all the time then that is a problem. Also when you are anxious about getting ill that’s a problem as well. This is known as hypochondria. This is known to be a diagnosis. And there are many people that have this condition. This condition is known to generally affect the way of life of a person if it is not attended to quickly. So we will be looking at tips on how to get over hypochondria. 

There are conditions that need help and there are some that can be attended to at home. Hypochondria is one of those conditions that can’t be attended to at home. You have to get help and do some other things. Well, what are the other tips? You will find out as we go on. 

Who is A Hypochondriac? 

This is a person that lives with the fear that they have a serious ailment that has not yet been diagnosed. And even when tests are carried out on them it shows nothing. They are known to have extreme anxiety and this is caused by the response of the body. 

This condition is actually characterized as a mental condition. It is known to start early in adulthood. This usually starts when they know someone that has gone through a serious illness. Or if they have lost someone due to an illness before. 

It is said that about 2/3rd of the people with this condition have other psychiatric conditions that coexist with it. Some of them have depression and some OCD. 

The symptoms associated with this vary from person to person. Depending on the age of the patient. Also, the stress level of the patient has a role to play in the symptoms. Some of the symptoms are: 

  • Constant checking of themselves to find out if they have any illness
  • The fear of small symptoms such as pain and runny nose to be a sign of a serious medical condition 
  • Visits the doctor very often for checkups 
  • Some also avoid going to the doctor because they are scared that the doctor would diagnose them to have a serious medical condition
  • They talk a lot about their health to people around them
  • They spend a lot of time online trying to check for possible causes of symptoms 
  • They usually tend to focus on just one serious illness 
  • They are usually not convinced that a negative medical result is true

There are actually many symptoms that come with this condition. The truth is that many people with health anxiety are too anxious and they have headaches, pain, dizziness, and stomach pain. But all this is because of the anxiety and nothing more. 

Tips on How To Get Over Hypochondria 

  • Educate yourself: don’t spend so much time trying to find out about a particular illness. Instead, spend that time trying to understand the needs of the body. Also, try to understand the normal body reactions that you can feel. That way when you feel a certain kind of way you can know whether it is normal or not. 
  • Change your outlook towards your health: This can be a bit hard. But it is something you have to do. Try to think positively when it comes to your health. When negative thoughts come block them with positive thoughts. That way you will be able to think a lot better about your health. And the anxiety will reduce.
  • Try muscle relaxation: Since you are very anxious and tense your muscles are not relaxed. With muscle relaxation, you will be able to breathe a lot better. At the same time, you will be able to reduce your level of anxiety. You can try out yoga. Or simply just sit down on a spot for 15 minutes and block all thoughts. Take a position that is comfortable for you so that you can stay that way for hours. 
  • Try taking medications: It’s possible that you need medications that will help you calm down. Talk to your doctor about it. There are depression and anxiety medications that will go a long way in making you relax. The medication that will be prescribed to you will be determined by your doctor. 
  • Keep yourself busy: if you are not busy then you will expect that those thoughts will be flowing through your head. Engage yourself. You can listen to music or watch a movie. Whichever one you choose make sure it draws you away from thinking. That’s the primary goal. 
  • Stay healthy: Make sure you stay healthy. Eat good food opt for veggies and fruits that will boost your immune system. With this, you are sure that there will not be a problem in your body. Staying healthy will give you the assurance that you need. And this will help reduce health anxiety. 
  • Stick to just one doctor: Since you have hypochondria there’s a chance that you have a lot of doctors that you frequent. One way to deal with this is by sticking to just one doctor. That way your doctor will be able to follow-up on your health. Schedule appointments as often as you can with your doctor. Make sure that the doctor is someone that you trust. That way it becomes easier to trust what the doctor says. 
  • Never be too scared to ask for help: asking for help will not harm you. Try to get someone that you can talk to about this condition. It can be a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Just get someone that helps you out medically. Have a close friend or a family member that you share your fears and concerns with. This will strengthen you and give you hope. 

Well, that’s about it for tips on how to get over hypochondria. We know that getting over it is not as it seems. But it’s something you can achieve. Just set your mind on it and you can achieve it. There are people that have been able to overcome this. And yours will not be different. Just put in the effort and do the best you can.

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