How Do You Get Rid of Warts The Natural Way?

How do you get rid of warts? If you don’t get rid of them, they can cause you serious embarrassment. So we have compiled a list of helpful home remedies you can use to ward off these unwanted visitors. Read on.


How do you get rid of warts? If you don’t get rid of them, they can cause you serious embarrassment. So we have compiled a list of helpful home remedies you can use to ward off these unwanted visitors. But then, every exactly are warts? The first thing we need to establish about warts is that they are typically harmless. They occur as skin growths due to viral infection by HPV (human papillomavirus). It gets more interesting when you realize that there are well over a hundred types of this virus. Any of these types can cause warts, which may appear or your genitals, face, or hands. While those are the common sites of warts, they can also appear in other areas of your body. 

There are many treatment options for warts. But these different treatments have varying degrees of effectiveness for different types of warts. Their effectiveness also varies by the location of warts. Natural treatments generally effective, but you shouldn’t use them for genital warts. This is especially so for topical treatments. The skin in your genital area is very sensitive and delicate. So you should mind what you apply there. But aside from genital warts, you can freely use natural methods for other types. They are not only cheap but also very safe and effective.

How Do You Get Rid of Warts Naturally?

Watchful waiting is, perhaps, the most natural way to get rid of warts. If you give enough time, your innate immune system can naturally deal with warts.

The truth is most warts end up going away by themselves with time. But then, sometimes, the time seems too long, especially if the wart is unsightly and bothersome. If this is the case, you may consider doing something about it other than watchful waiting.

But if you choose watchful waiting, you may consider taking steps that would help boost your immunity. Remember that warts are the results of viral infection. So if your immunity is not optimum, there may be a greater outbreak. You sure don’t want this to happen.

When you are in a state of optimal immunity, warts would find it difficult to fester. So here are a few tips to strengthen your immunity against warts:

  1. Make sure your diet is healthy. A healthy diet is balanced and free of toxins and contaminants. This means you should eat a diet rich in veggies, whole grains, and fresh fruits.
  2. Exercise is a key factor. You know already that regular exercise has lots of benefits, one of which is keeping your heart in good health. But then, regular exercise can also be a booster for your immunity. Walking, aerobic exercises, bike cycling, etc. are good physical activities you can do.
  3. We cannot overemphasize the importance of quality rest. Nothing damages your immunity as much as not resting enough. It’s like using an engine continuous without allowing it to rest. It will eventually break down. So make sure you rest well every night. You need about 8 hours of daily rest to promote your immune function.

When you take proper care of your body, your immunity is up-top. That way, your body is well-poised to fight off any unwanted visitor including warts. 

Other Natural Options Apart From Watchful Waiting

1. High-quality essential oils 

Certain essential oils have exfoliating and/or antimicrobial properties. So you can use them topically (apply them on the affected skin area) to treat the wart. While there is yet to be any large scale study on the use of essential oils to treat warts, lots of people have good testimony from their use.

One person was observed with tea-tree oil treatment, and warts cleared off completely within twelve days. The following are some essential oils that could be of help:

  • Tea-tree oil
  • Neem oil
  • Cinnamon-bark oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Oregano oil
  • Cypress oil
  • Clove oil

Essential oils can sometimes cause allergic reactions. So you should do patch tests on them first before you use them. 

Patch tests involve diluting the oil in a carrier oil. Then place a little on the inner area of your wrist or forearm. Wait for 24 hours to see if there would be any or signs of allergies.

2. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is quite popular for treating warts. You will even find abundant info online on its amazing wart-removing powers. To use this approach, you would soak cotton balls in ACV and apply them to the affected skin area each night. This should be shortly before you go to bed.

One cotton ball per night is enough. You may seal it with a bandage to keep the ACV in place over the wart.

ACV is indeed a natural treatment. But then, we must reckon with the fact that it’s an acidic solution. As such, it can sometimes cause some discomfort and pain when you apply it to your skin. An important precaution here is never to use undiluted ACV on your face. The solution may be stronger than what the skin on your face can bear. 

3. Nail polish (clear) 

 You could apply a clear polish on warts. This would seal off the wart from getting oxygen. In short, nail polish can suffocate warts and kill the skin cells there. Then warts will go away. 

Doctors will tell you that they do not approve of this approach. But it’s because they have to play by the books. There is no scientific study yet to prove the approach. But then, even medically, protective barriers are good ways to treat warts.

Herbal and Plant Remedies

Herbalist, as well as experts in natural health, promotes certain herbs for treating warts. People often take these herbs as supplements, usually in the form of teas and juices. Examples of such herbs are as follows:

  • Echinacea
  • Ficus carica
  • E. Walachia

There are bits of evidence to support the use of these herbs. But those are only from small-scale studies. There is still a need for large-scale studies to further validate them. As such, you should do a careful review of any supplement you will be taking with a pharmacist or your doctor before you start taking it.

So back to the question, how do you get rid of warts? Warts should resolve by themselves without treatment. But you should take concerted steps to strengthen your immunity. More so, natural treatment options abound. They are safe, effective, and cheap.

Natural ways to get rid of warts

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