Best Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Does your baby have a problem with diaper rash? This is a common health condition among newborns/infants and can be treated effectively with home remedies for diaper rash. They lack the strong chemicals of prescription medicines.

Diaper change

Does your baby suffer from diaper rash? The first mass-produced cloth diapers were launched in 1887. Today, the global diaper market is worth about $84 billion (2018) and today’s products are comfier and more absorbent than past products. However, when your little one wears them there are some possible health conditions including diaper rash. It’s important to deal with it safely and effectively. When your newborn/infant experiences the condition it can make them uncomfortable. The good news there are several home remedies for diaper rash you can pick from.

It might be surprised how many options you have. They include standard options like apple cider vinegar (ACV) and olive oil. Others are probably surprising like breast milk. However, the main feature of all these options is their natural options. This helps to prevent unwanted side-effects from strong chemicals. While they can be effective the main issue is, they can also cause side-effects that you’ll want to avoid. It’s tough enough when your baby is already dealing with the discomfort of a skin rash. So, it’s important to pick one that will be less likely to make a bad situation worse. All-natural home remedies are a better option to deal with the common problem.   

What Exactly Is Diaper Rash?

This is a common type of skin inflammation that looks like bright right skin that appears on the baby’s bottom. This is often linked to wet/soiled diapers, chafing, and sensitive skin. Anyone who wears diapers can experience this symptom although it usually happens among babies.

if you’re a parent then you might be worried if your little one has this kind of skin rash. However, in most cases, it can clear up by using some basic home remedies. Some options include ointment, more diaper changes, and air-drying.

There are various ways to detect if your baby is suffering from skin rashes. They include skin signs like red, tender skin within the diaper areas. that includes the bottom and thighs.

You can also watch out for mood changes in your baby. For example, he/she might seem more uncomfortable, and especially while you’re changing diapers. For example, when the rash area is touched/washed they’ll often cry or fuss.

While this condition usually isn’t serious, there are times when you should contact your baby’s doctor. They include if the rash doesn’t clear up in a couple of days. If home treatments aren’t working then make sure to talk to the doctor. in some cases, prescription medicines might be required to treat the skin rash.

Here are some signs that the rash needs medical treatments:

  • Becomes worse
  • Pain/discomfort during urination
  • Itches/oozes/bleeds
  • Fever
  • Serious/unusual

There is a wide range of causes of diaper rashes including:

  • Rubbing/chafing
  • New foods
  • Bacteria/yeast infection
  • Sensitive skin
  • The new product causes irritation
  • Irritation from the digestive system

If your baby experiences these factors then there’s a good chance they might be the cause of the diaper rash. A doctor can help to figure out the most likely cause(s). As always, it’s best to be on the safe side and contact your doctor if you’re unsure what’s causing the skin rash.

Top Home Remedies for Diaper Rash


This is probably a surprising one. There isn’t much scientific proof that this home remedy works. However, many parents have had positive results. The reason is there are many healthy chemicals in breast milk, is anti-infection, and contains antibodies that are used to boost the baby’s immune system.  

Olive oil

This is another natural remedy that can help to battle inflammation and microbes. It’s recommended you use this treatment for diaper rash and rash caused by other factors like skin allergies. It’s a natural treatment that doesn’t contain the strong chemicals of prescription medicines.

DIY cream

You can prepare a homemade cream for diaper rash. This helps to provide a protective balm. It combines different ingredients including:

  • Shea butter
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Zinc oxide

After making the remedy it’s important to refrigerate it so it lasts longer. Then you can just rub the ointment between your hands to warm it up. This is a 100% natural diaper rash remedy that works.

You can find various variations for this recipe. They include other ingredients like tea tree and lemon essential oil. Each ingredient provides different features that can help to clear up your baby’s rash.

Apple cider vinegar

ACV has several health benefits since it combines apple juice and vinegar. Studies show that ACV can help to slow down the growth of yeast infection-causing bacteria. Simply add some to bath water to help clear up your baby’s yeast-sourced skin rash.   

ACV works in different ways. For example, it helps to destroy bacteria that could make the rash worse. It also gets rid of yeast that causes the diaper rash. Another option is to make a washout of a tablespoon of ACV and a cup of water. You can then use the wash every time you start a diaper change.

Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash

1. Pat/air-dry skin

Make sure not to scrub the baby’s skin when drying. This can cause skin irritation and make the situation worse. You should instead air-dry or pat-dry the skin. This will help to remove moisture while not increasing the risk of skin irritation.

2. Add ointment

Try to add ointment as much as possible. Some good options include zinc oxide and petroleum jelly. Other ingredients can be used to make DIY diaper ointments.

3. Use warm water to rinse the baby’s bottom

When you change diapers, this should always be part of the process. Some options include a water bottle, tub, or sink. You can also use options like baby wipes, cotton balls, and washcloths. When rinsing makes sure to avoid using fragrances and alcohol. you should also pick a mild soap instead of one with strong chemicals.

4. Allow some air exposure

Experts explain that allow the skin to contact air can help the skin to dry naturally and also help to reduce the chance of rashes. You can place your baby on a large towel during this time to help prevent messy situations.

5. Avoid tightening diapers too much

This can reduce airflow into the region, which can cause a moist environment. They’re more likely to cause rashes so it’s something to avoid. Another problem is tight diapers can also cause waist/thigh chafing.

6. Do frequent diaper changes

it’s important to remove soiled/wet diapers immediately. It’s important to follow this procedure all day whether it’s at home or in childcare. This will help to minimize the risk of diaper rash, which is important.

7. Maintain clean/dry skin

This is one of the easiest yet effective ways to prevent the risk of diaper rashes. There are different methods you can take but the main goal is to prevent your baby’s skin from becoming infected. That’s more likely in warm/moist environments, which causes bacteria to thrive and require home remedies for diaper rash.

What is diaper rash?

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