Top Chlorophyll Benefits: Why You Need More Of This Natural Pigment

Chlorophyll makes the plants green in our vision. However, it does more than coloring the plants. It is no question that body our needs chlorophyll.

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Chlorophyll makes the plants green in our vision. However, it does more than coloring the plants. It is no question that body our needs chlorophyll. In the next paragraphs, we will find out what are the chlorophyll benefits and why the physical body needs it.

Chlorophyll: Where To Get It

Basically, you can feed your body with chlorophyll by digesting edible plants with the chlorophyll in them. However, some of these edible plants are not that reliable when it comes to letting our body absorbs pure chlorophyll. Some of it gets lost somewhere in our stomach and does not really enter our bloodstream. To augment this problem, some people chose supplements over edible plants to give them chlorophyll. Which makes sense because supplements are chlorophyll – compact. Meaning, there is a good chance in which a huge percentage of its chlorophyll content can be absorbed by the body.

Like any substance, chlorophyll is not through and through good. It has its side effects and adverse effects too when used in the wrong circumstances. It is best to talk to your family physician before thinking about feeding your body with chlorophyll. It may have some chemical reactions to your other medications or it may not be a good time for your body to take such substance.

But for now,

What Are The Benefits Of Chlorophyll?

Let us get to know the benefits your body can get from chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has its Skin Benefits

For the skin, chlorophyll is often used as an ointment to heal infection and inflammation in the skin. Some dermatologists recommend chlorophyll based ointments for skin infection due to its anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties. Chlorophyll-based ointments can also decrease pain in the affected skin area.

In the cosmetics field, chlorophyll is said to be good in reducing acne inflammation and getting rid of the acne perse. It is just logical to do so since experts tell us that chlorophyll has antibacterial properties in it.

Good for the Blood

There are mix research conclusions about whether chlorophyll is good for the blood or not. There are researches out there that suggest wheatgrass in chlorophyll improves the quality of red blood cells. The research also suggests that it helps prevent future blood transfusions from happening. Other research tells us that chlorophyll in wheatgrass does not really do anything. It is not fully absorbed by our body, even less so, by blood cells.

Prevents the Emergence of Tumors

There is research where 4 human subjects volunteered to test in themselves the potency of chlorophyll in the prevention of tumors. Indeed, the study rendered positive results that chlorophyll might indeed reduce the emergence of tumors, especially in the stomach and livers. The positive results have been concluded due to its inhibiting character in the aflatoxin compound. This compound is known to cause tumors.

Helps in Cutting Back on Weight

Chlorophyll, according to some research can relatively support weight loss in the right circumstances. It was harbored on a research in which groups people in 2. The other group who digested edible chlorophyll-packed plant has more supported weight loss than the other group when compared to the other group who do not receive chlorophyll. That says a lot on the potency of chlorophyll in cutting back weight. Another thing to take note is the effectivity of chlorophyll in lowering bad cholesterol in your body.

Natural Body Deodorizer

Again, like chlorophyll’s case with improving the quality of the blood, there are mixed researches too that suggest that one of the chlorophyll benefits is it can indeed eliminate body odor. Some research nods the effectivity of chlorophyll in terms of its possibility of eliminating body odor. There are researches that debunk the link of chlorophyll and its possibility of helping eliminate body odor or halitosis (bad breath).


Like any other substance, there are dangers and side effects associated with it. Chlorophyll is not a toxin or a poisonous substance but it has its shares of downsides especially if you have certain present diseases and syndromes that might exacerbate them.

These are some of the side effects that chlorophyll might give you.

  • Indigestion
  • The stool may be colored green (though this is not something to be worried for, still green is weird for a stool).
  • Allergic reactions (may include skin allergic reactions too)
  • Expecting Mothers: There is still no concrete evidence that chlorophyll might not be a good idea for expecting mothers. To avoid further possible adverse effects though, its best for expecting mothers to veer away from chlorophyll.
  • Interaction with certain drugs: So far, there is no concrete evidence that suggests the adverse interaction of chlorophyll with some other drugs. However, some doctors and experts nod the possibility of it interacting with other drugs. With this being said, it is best to veer away from taking in the huge amount of chlorophyll if you are in a certain medication.

Possibly, chlorophyll-filled supplements are good than taking in the edible plant. This is due to the fast metabolism mechanics of edible plants. In plants, most of the precious chlorophyll is not absorbed in the bloodstream unlike with supplements, your bloodstream can absorb a huge amount of chlorophyll in your bloodstream. With this, many of us are wondering what types of supplements of chlorophyll should we use or how to take them. The good news is, these supplements are accessible and can be readily found in most drugstores, supplement stores, and the likes. The supplement for chlorophyll comes in different forms. Be it in pills, fluids, oil, sprays and powder form. The powder is best used when you want to incorporate chlorophyll in your sauces, juice, and drinks. Its average dosage limit in a day is only in 100 milligrams. The given dosage is just an estimation. It will still vary depending on the current health condition you are in. It is best to consult your doctors in terms of dosage. He will let you know what is best suitable for your present condition.

If you are all about organic and natural, you can also make your own chlorophyll supplement in the comforts of your home. You can turn it as a smoothie or a juice. You can research more about it on the web.

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