Best Chicken and Rice Slow Cooker Recipes

If you’re looking for a slow cooker recipe you have options like chicken and rice slow cooker. There are many variations with veggies like peas, carrots broccoli, and herbs/spices.

Chicken meal

Slow cookers make meal preparation a cinch. You should prepare the meat, grains, and veggies, toss them in the cooker, then press some buttons. That’s it! In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we often want to find quick and easy ways to prepare meals like chicken and rice slow cooker. Slow cookers make the process easy-peasy since you don’t have to keep checking the food, adjusting temperatures, or even stir food. you just do your prep work in the morning or night before, then let the crockpot do the rest of the work. In many ways, the whole process couldn’t be easier.

As when cooking using the stovetop, oven, or grill you have many slow cooker recipes to pick from. Chicken and rice are one of several options. White meat like poultry is generally considered healthier than red meat like pork and chicken. Meanwhile, brown/white rice are some of the most popular grains that are consumed. This combo provides a lot of protein, fiber, and vitamins/minerals. There are many other options but any recipe with animal protein, grain, and vegetables offers lots of nutrients. it’s all about finding the right variation of a particular recipe like chicken & rice.

Why Should You Use a Slow Cooker?

Fun Fact: Irving Nachumsohn received a patent in 1940 for the first-ever “Crock-Pot” designed to cook a traditional Jewish stew. The main goal of the device was to provide people with convenience so they wouldn’t have to spend lots of time cooking on the Jewish sabbath.

Nearly eight decades later, people are still using slow cookers for basically the same reason. The technology has improved. However, the main goal of making meal-preparation easier hasn’t changed.

Crock Pots are quite easy to use. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients in the recipe, put them in the crockpot, and press some buttons. The process really couldn’t be easier in terms of the cooking process. You won’t have to keep stirring soups/stews on the stovetop, or checking the roasted chicken, beef, or pork in the oven.

you shouldn’t even open a slow cooker’s lid to stir the food. That’s because it can mess up the cooking time since heat will get released from the pot and could risk the food becoming undercooked. That’s something you’ll want to avoid.

If you’re super-busy during the day and want to avoid spending hours in the kitchen then a crockpot is a great idea. It allows you to do what you do during the day then return home for a tasty homecooked meal.

The key to this machine is the slow-cooking process. You could technically cook something that usually takes 15 minutes in one hour. However, that’s not really what this small appliance is made for. It’s mainly designed to start preparing lunch and dinner in the morning. You could even prepare breakfast by setting the machine the night before.

You can also prepare a wide range of dishes using the crockpot. They include meat proteins, grains, and veggies. You can also include herbs and spices to enjoy more flavorful dishes.

Chicken and Rice Slow Cooker Recipes

Here are some of the top ingredients you can add to this classic recipe:

1. Broccoli

This superfood is in the same plant family as cauliflower and cabbage. It’s loaded with nutrients like calcium. This is probably one of the least-liked veggies among kids. However, adults can appreciate the vegetable more so it’s one you should consider adding to your diet. It’s also a classic combo that’s featured in other dishes like chicken & broccoli stir-fry.

2. Carrots

This is a superfood that’s sky-high in nutrients. For example, Vitamin A provides various health benefits like good eye health. Carrots are also flavorful and work well whether it’s carrot juice, raw veggies & hummus, or chicken & rice. If you want to maximize your nutrients from the root vegetable make sure not to remove the skin since it’s full of extra nutrients like fiber.

3. Cheese/Yogurt

These might be some surprising options. However, they add nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, and healthy fat. If you want a thicker consistency then go with Greek yogurt although regular plain yogurt is another good option. Shredded cheese is another dairy product you can add to add more creamy goodness.

4. Peas

Here’s another common ingredient found in chicken & rice recipe. It works well with the chicken/rice combo. Beans and peas are high in nutrients like protein and fiber. You can also combine them with other veggies like carrots to provide the perfect combination. As always, the “fresh is best” rule applies so try to ditch frozen or canned peas.

5. Herbs/Spices

You can add a wide variety to your chicken/rice dish. They include parsley, thyme, and mustard. They’re low-carb so it’s easier to stay under 50g of carbs while on Keto or Atkins. Another plus of these ingredients is they also add extra flavor to your dishes.  

Other Chicken Recipes Ideas for Slow Cookers

1. Chicken Tacos

If you’re on a low-carb diet then this is an outstanding option. It gives you all the classic ingredients of a taco without the corn/flour shell. These make eating a taco more convenient but they’re loaded with carbs. Even whole wheat tortillas are quite high in carbs so they’re not Keto-friendly.

2. Chicken & Broccoli

This is a classic dish featured in Chinese cuisine. You can get the same taste and texture from this slow-cooker recipe. They include poultry, grain, sesame seeds, and lots of herbs and spices. Broccoli is one of the plant-based superfoods that’s loaded with nutrients including Vitamin C. How can you go wrong with a veggie that looks like a mini tree?

3. White Chili

This refers to the color of the chili instead of the poultry being white meat. It’s a great option if you have a tough time digesting red tomatoes. However, the main ingredient is still chicken, which is loaded with nutrients like protein. There are also tons of flavor/nutrients from white beans, green chilies, and yellow onions.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a tasty recipe that’s a cinch to make. It gets classic ingredients like egg noodles, carrots, celery, and herbs/spices (rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, etc.). It’s a good option if you’re a fan of comfort food.

5. Tortilla Soup

This is somewhat like a “taco bowl” except you get the ingredients of a chicken tortilla in the form of a soup. It’s a great option for fans of Mexican food and cold winter days when you want a quick and easy way to warm up.

6. Dumplings

You can go with pork, beef, or veggie dumplings. The wrappers make the texture more delicate than rice so it’s an option you might want to consider. Another plus is that there are several variations of the dumplings themselves so the options are almost unlimited like chicken and rice slow cooker.

chicken and rice slow cooker

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