What Is Brewer’s Yeast Used For?

Other than being an important ingredient in making beer and bread; the brewer’s yeast can provide the body with a lot of nutrients. Get to know the benefits of brewer’s yeast and the best ways to use it.

Yeasts are common microorganisms that are naturally living in human and animal bodies, though most of the time they are mostly associated with the specific kinds of fungi that can be found in plants or as byproducts of some food processes.

However, are you aware of another property of some yeasts which is that they can be used in making a specific alcoholic beverage or other foods and can even be turned into supplements? Let me introduce to you the brewer’s yeast; what it is, its health benefits, and what it is used for.


Brewer’s Yeast: Not Your Usual Yeast

A lot of people love chatting together with their friends while being accompanied by a few bottles of beer. Or there are some people who completely enjoys the taste of beer. Little do some of these people know that they are consuming an unexpectedly healthy kind of yeast – the brewer’s yeast.

Brewer’s yeast is an ingredient that is important for the production of food products like beer and some kinds of bread. Most of the time, the yeast is just associated to being a very important component for beer production since beer cannot exist without it; but in reality, it can provide the body with a lot of health benefits.

Filled with Healthy Microorganisms

This kind of yeast can provide the body with healthy microorganisms that are known to directly affect (in a good way) the digestive system. By consuming the yeast, it can fully optimize how the digestive tract functions. Also, it is said that the yeast can serve as a probiotic which aids the gut flora by supplying healthier microorganisms in exchange for those that were destroyed or damaged by certain medical circumstances.

One of the most well known probiotic advantages of consuming brewer’s yeast is mainly its ability to prevent and treat digestive issues as a few cases of diarrhea such as traveler’s diarrhea and those that are caused by use of antibiotics, irritable bowel syndrome, colon infections like Clostridium difficile colitis, and even lactose intolerance.

Offers Vitamins and Minerals

The other healthy components of brewer’s yeast are a wide range of vitamins and minerals. This is also why people tend to consume the yeast in supplement form, in order for them to get its healthy nutritional value.

Moreover, the reason why the yeast is able to provide health benefits is that a 30-gram amount (or 2 tablespoons which are the maximum amount for daily consumption) or brewer’s yeast contains the following nutrients:


Two tablespoons of the yeast contain around 116 counts of calories which will be converted into energy in the body upon intake.


There are 16 grams of protein in 30 grams of brewer’s yeast. Proteins are considered essential nutrients that aid in the production of body tissues and provide energy.


A type of carbohydrate that mostly aids in resolving common digestive issues, the fiber content of two tablespoons of the said yeast is known to be around 6 grams.


The overall amount of carbohydrates; including starches, sugar, and fiber, in 30 grams of the yeast are 13 grams.


A few amounts of selenium are needed for the body’s production of important proteins that are essential in the prevention of cell damage, thus the said amount of yeast can give 63 micrograms of selenium which is already 90 percent of our DV.


Since the yeast also contains about 1.5 milligrams of riboflavin, it can be used in the process of breaking down proteins and carbohydrates (also fats) in exchange for energy and it can even assist the flow of oxygen in our bodies. The yeast’s 1.5 milligrams of riboflavin content already consists of 90 percent of our required DV.


Also known as vitamin B1, the body needs thiamine which is also helping in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy. Its other benefits are serving as an aid in important organ functions like the nerves and heart, and also some muscle functions plus it is also a required vitamin for proper metabolism of glucose. Thus, the 1.2 milligrams of thiamine in 30 grams of the yeast already gives 80 percent of DV.


Brewer’s yeast contain about 10 milligrams of niacin which is a useful nutrient that helps almost all of our bodily functions. It is also a great contributor in lowering cholesterol levels and relieving pain caused by arthritis. Niacin is also able to give the brain its needed boost for perfect functioning.


The copper works together with another element called iron as they are the main benefactors of the body’s production of red blood cells. Also, it helps in maintaining the health of the blood vessels and nerves. Healthy bones are also provided by consuming required amounts of copper and it can boost the body’s ability to properly absorb iron minerals. Amazingly enough, two tablespoons of the yeast can give the body 1 milligram of copper which already takes up 50 percent of the DV.

Vitamin B6

30 grams of brewer’s yeast contains 0.8 milligrams of vitamin B6, which is good enough considering it already amounts to 40 percent of DV. The benefits of having vitamin B6 is that the yeast can greatly contribute in the development of brain function and the production of serotonin hormones and norepinephrine hormones; which are both important hormones that both deal with physical and emotional stress.


The importance of potassium in the body by serving as an electrolyte and by regulating blood pressure is somehow provided by two tablespoons of the yeast that has 633 milligrams of potassium.


Even though the yeast only contains 60 micrograms of folate, it can still contribute to the body’s need of the B vitamin in terms of the bone marrow’s production of red and white blood cells and also the important body molecules called DNA and RNA.


What is Brewer’s Yeast Used For?

If you want to consume good amounts of brewer’s yeast to add in your diet, there are different ways where one can get their desired quantity of the yeast. Here are the best ways to use the yeast:

1. The easiest way to ingest the yeast is by using them as supplements.

For most people, consuming supplements are the fastest way to get the desired nutrients in the body. Also since brewer’s yeast capsules are now well known and commonly found in markets, they are easier to acquire. They can be in the form of capsules or tablets.

2. Brewer’s yeast can also be used in powdered form.

The powdered form is also considered as an easy incorporation of the yeast into your daily diet. Furthermore, it is never hard to add powdered products in food such as smoothies, soups, or delicious baked desserts. They can also be added to plain water or other drinks, just be sure to only allow 1 to 2 tablespoons of the yeast since it is the advised amount of intake per day.


What Is Brewers Yeast Used For?

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