Top 5 Mattresses to Help Treat Backpain

Back pains are treacherous. At first, you would not notice it, then you will finally notice it if it’s already worse.

best mattresses for back pain

Our lower back is a well-engineered bone structure with an interweb of bones, ligaments, nerves, joints, and muscles. These parts make up the lower back which provides, strength, support, and flexibility to our body.

However, our lower back can also be susceptible to aches because of the people’s lifestyle. Acute back pains are usually coming from muscle, ligaments, joints, or discs injuries. The body’s reaction acute back pains are in the form of inflammation. This inflammation is the reason why we experience back pain.

There different kinds of back pains. It can be found either in the lumbar disc, or a pulled muscle in the back. Through X-ray and the time course of the back pain, the doctor can diagnose what kind of back pain has developed.

Back pain can be a comfortable experience that is why companies are producing the best mattresses for back pain. These are specially designed mattresses to provide the balance your lower back needs to loosen and to treat back pains. Corporate workers who spend their day sitting in an office chair are their target market. Sitting in an office chair for a long period of time for years might develop back aches and pains for you.

This article will help you in determining what kind of mattress brands and designs that are relatively comfortable for your aching back.

Here are the best mattresses for back pain

1. The TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress

The TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress is a 10-inch medium mattress that supports your lower back when you sleep. It has a responsive foam that adapts quickly according to your body’s arrangement. Unlike any other back pain mattress brand, the TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid prima Mattress precisely follows the sleeping formation of your body all throughout the night. This mattress has a combination of layers designed to support the body well.

The upper layer of the mattress is called Tempur. The Tempur is responsible for mimicking the formation of the body during bedtime. In addition to that, there is high precision could in the upper layer that enables the mattress to support the body weight well.

The fabric cover of this mattress also prevents over-sweating overnight. So, you will definitely have a cool night of sleep.

The TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Mattress has a medium firm mattress that is popular for people who wants a cooperating mattress for their back. The adaptability of the mattress tightly hugs the body and gives a pressure relief for your back pain.

2. Latex Mattress

Any mattress that is latex in nature is considered back pain friendly. Latex is a light material that bounces. The springy effect of the latex mattress on your back is especially great for your aching back. it does not cause any pressure or pulling force in your lower back muscle.

The latex mattress is not only good for people who have back pains. This mattress is also good for neck, shoulder, and hip pain.

A latex mattress is composed of premium and spongy material that hugs your body well. This kind of mattress gently pushes your body and perfectly hugs the contours of your body. With this kind of hugging character, it gives a pressure point relief in your spine. All in all, this is a great kind of mattress for people who are suffering from back pain and needs a break from it.

3. The Memory Foam Mattress

This is perhaps the most popular mattress for people with back pain. Studies show that people with memory foam mattress get relief from joint pains especially back pain. These satisfaction reviews are usually because of the unique properties of the memory foam mattress.

One of the most important features for a medical mattress to have is its density. High-density mattresses provide optimum support and optimal spine alignment. Medium density mattresses offer less support and adaptation of body contour. Low-density mattresses provide the least effective relief compared to the two mentioned above.

4. The Layla Mattress

The Layla Mattress is probably the most reviewed about mattress of all time for back pain from its verified buyers. It measures up to 10.5″ thick. The mattress is hypoallergenic and stirs away from dust mites and insects. The copper-infused memory foam can be flipped. If your side is too firm, you can always flip your bed to relish the softness of the foam. The flippability of this mattress is rare, so you might consider it as one of your top choices among other foams.

This mattress has a dual firmness that is so good, you might consider the mattress as composed of two mattresses. This mattress suits almost all people with chronic back pain no matter how unique their pain’s situation is.

The Layla mattress is close to the top choice of mattress for back pain this 2019. On top of that, it has a 120-night trial, can be returned, and is warrantied for as long as you are alive.

5. The Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is a new hype on the market. People love it because of its 10″ thick interweb of layers and the convenience people get from it. The mattress is inexpensive and comes in a bed-in-a-box package.

The Tuft and Needle Mattress’ polyurethane foam is one of the most sought after quality foam this year. Though it uses a lush foam like polyurethane, its price is considerably lower when compared to other popular and expensive mattresses.

The mattress is nice for people who endure a back pain because of its balance with the softness and firmness of its foam. The medium level of softness it gives is just what people with lower back pain, needs. This mattress offers comfort and not sagging at all. It lifts all the pressure points we normally feel during sleep. It is not too firm at all. A mattress with a too firm quality of foam leads to the soreness of the back, pressure, and bulging discs.

If you are in a budget and needs a comfortable bed for your back, you might want to consider this as one of your choices.

best mattresses for back pain

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