Always Bloated? Here Are The 7 Reasons Why

Many of us feel bloated from time to time. But we have no idea why we feel that way. Well, we’re here to help out. Let’s look at the question: why am I always bloated.

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Some people always complain of being bloated after every single meal. That’s why they keep asking why am I always bloated? What exactly is the reason for this? Well, we will be answering the question right here. So what exactly is bloating? Some people confuse being fat with being bloated. And some people confuse being full of being bloated. When a person is bloated, the belly feels swollen after the person has eaten. And this a result of excess gas that has been produced. It could also be a result of the movement of the muscles of the digestive tract. 

If you’ve ever been bloated you would agree that it’s not a good feeling at all. It’s very uncomfortable and it often comes with pain. Also, it tends to make your stomach look a lot bigger than it is. One interesting thing is that for some people, bloating is a result of increased sensitivity. And it makes them feel like there is increased pressure in the belly even when there is not. We will be taking a look at some of the reasons why you are always bloated. Also, we will be looking at some of the tips on how you can reduce bloating. So keep reading for more. 

Why Am I Always Bloated? 

So there are different reasons why a person would feel bloated all the time. Let’s take a look at some of the few reasons why this happens. 


This happens to be one of the most common causes of bloating. That’s why people get bloated after Thanksgiving dinner or a party. Well, this is caused by the overstretching of your stomach to contain so much food. This happens more when you eat foods high in carbs and salt. 

2. Too many carbs

This is another culprit behind being bloated. We all know that carbs are good for the body. They provide us with the energy needed for the day. But when taken too much they can also cause your body to start retaining water. And this, in the end, can lead to bloating. Simple carbs are mainly the culprits behind this because they are easily broken down in the body. 

3. Food intolerance

For some people, they feel bloated even when they haven’t eaten a lot. When you take just about enough fluids and food and still feel bloated it might be that you have taken something not so good. Some people are intolerant to certain foods and this can lead to bloating. For many people, it’s spicy food and also acidic foods. The thing is that the body tries to break down these foods. And in the process, so much gas is produced to make you feel bloated. 

4. Eating late at night

When you eat so much food right before going to bed you would most likely feel bloated. Usually, the digestive system isn’t as active at night. And because of this, you would wake up feeling so uncomfortable and with pains. 

5. Taking so much soda

Right here is another common reason for bloating. Consuming drinks like sparkling water and soda would set you on the part of bloating. There is so much gas in soda. And the gas can be trapped in your stomach. That could lead to belching or bloating. 

6. Taking in too much air

Is this even possible? Of course yes. There are certain things we do that can make a person take in so much air. For instance, chewing gum, drinking with a straw, and eating too fast can allow you to take in too much air. And when you take in so much air you would start to feel bloated. 

7. Undiagnosed condition

So some certain conditions would make a person feel bloated. Some of the conditions are liver disease and heart problems. The only way to deal with this is to be diagnosed. That way your doctor would be able to provide a treatment plan for you. 

7 Reasons Why You Are Always Bloated

Ways to Reduce Bloating 

  • Rule out food intolerances: As you already know being intolerant to certain foods can cause bloating. So try consuming some foods people are commonly intolerant to once at a time. And try to check out if there are any signs of bloating. If there isn’t then that food is most likely not the cause of your bloating. Some of the common foods to try to rule out are fructose, lactose, wheat and gluten, and eggs. 
  • Don’t eat too much: Eating well is good, but eating too much can cause a whole lot of problems including bloating. If you notice that after eating big meals you feel bloated then try to reduce your ration. Instead of going for a big meal all at once, try going for smaller meals at different times. This should be able to help out with dealing with bloating. 
  • Reduce consumption of soda: Some people can’t do without taking several bottles of soda in a day. Well, that’s understandable since they are quite a taste. But if you’ve been having issues with bloating then you have to make some changes. Try as much as you can to reduce the amount of soda you take in a day. That way you can be sure that your bloating would reduce. 
  • Take some digestive enzyme supplements: Some over-the-counter drugs can help out with reducing bloating. These supplements would help out breaking down indigestible carbs. Some of the common ones are beano and lactase. Many times these supplements produce an immediate effect. 
  • Take probiotics: So we all know that one of the major contributors to bloating is the gas produced. Taking probiotics would help increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. And that would help improve digestive system function. The good thing is that studies have been carried out on the effect of probiotics. And it has been found out that it helps reduce the production of gases. 

Well, these are some of the things you can do to help reduce bloating. And you can be sure that all these would have a tremendous effect to reduce symptoms of bloating. So start doing something since you already know the answer to your question why am I always bloated.

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