How Many Calories Are in an Ear of Corn on a Cob?

corn cob

Corn is one of the special foods on earth. Anyone that knows the nutritional value of corn would attest to the fact that it is a nutritional dynamo. However, the concern of most people, especially those who are in a diet is how many calories they can get from eating corn. Read on to find out how many calories in an ear of corn.

Sunflower Seeds: 7 Reasons To Include Them In Your Diet

Sunflower Seeds On A White Plate

Sun flower is also known as Helianthus annuus is easy to grow and does not need too much effort since it can tolerate too much sunlight and does need too much water. You can grow it on your backyard and you can harvest a lot of it and it’s not just your simple flower for decoration and just a subject for adoration but it’s a flower offers a lot of benefits to your health.